St James' School Term 3 Week 6

Newsletter 3 September 2021

Our Vision: To grow Catholic, Christian young people,

who are confident, connected lifelong learners, inspired by the teachings of Jesus,

and who make a positive difference in their community.

Tēnā tātou

After February, the start of spring, is my favourite time of year - the sun starts to hang around that bit longer and is warming up the land and all of us. I have enjoyed getting outside each day on my bike, walking or running and watching nature do its thing. The Northern Hemisphere experiences this re-awakening around Easter time - the world is waking up to new life. I wish everyone blessings and a hope-filled spring full of the Risen Christ's love.

Blessings to all fathers for fathers' day 2021! I have recently become a Grandad again and have enjoyed meeting my new granddaughter. Wishing all fathers a great day on Sunday.

Bubble Update - we have opened one 'Bubble' learning space this week with Christine, Whaea Hilary and Jo leading the learning. Many thanks to all of you for your support following the Ministry of Education guidelines around Level 3.

Support - please let us know if we can be of any support to you at this time. We have access to a wide range of support networks.

We are hoping for a return to schooling under Level 2 soon - all things going well! Please note that under Level Two, we will need to maintain a visitor register at school. There are three ways to do this;

  1. Scan the QR Codes at any of the three entrances
  2. Use the COVID 19 Check-in function on the school app
  3. Sign in on the paper register in the office

Would you please help us to comply with Government policies?

Ngā Manaakitanga

Tom Sheehan

Catholic Special Character

School Mass - Sunday 5 September - Our next St James’ led school Mass planned for Sunday the 5th of September has been cancelled.

WelCom is titled NauMai this month in support of Māori Language Week, 13–19 Mahuru/September 2021. Level 3 has delayed the printed copies; however, you can click the link below to access an online version.

Link to September WelCom.

Andrea Cawood

Director of Religious Studies


Contact details - please remember to update your details if you have a new address, email address or phone number. Please contact the school office via email and these will be updated.

In preparation for the return to school - you will be required to use your COVID Tracer App should you come into school. These QR codes will available for you to use at each entrance into the school, alternatively you could use the School App Check In feature.

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Central Football Tournament - as this will not meet the guidelines for gatherings the organisers have cancelled this event.

Some fun sports activities you may wish to do to stay active.

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Catholic Schools Whanaungatanga Festival, Thursday 23 September - Cancelled.

St James' School PTFA - Parent and Teachers and Friends Association

  • Pastoral Care - Thank you to our current pastoral care providers who have baked and prepared meals for those families in our school community who occasionally need a little bit of extra support.
    If this sounds like something you would like to assist with could you please email me so I can put your name on our list of helpers. Thanks, Tracey Gunn

  • Please Join us - The PTFA is keen to have new members join them this year. Many of the current organisers are nearing the end of their primary school involvement, and it is time to add more members. If you are interested, please contact Kelly Hoskins (

Kelly Hoskins
PTFA Chairperson
Serving Our Saints with Faith and Enthusiasm

School Board

The next School Board meeting to be held online on Monday 6 September 2021 at 6.00 pm.

Michael Fennessy


Ministry of Education (MOE) wearing of face mask guidelines Aug 31, 2021

We are sharing the MOE advice from Aug 31, 2021 regarding the wearing of face masks in primary schools for your information.

Face coverings in schools in Alert Level 3

We've had some further questions about using face coverings in a school setting or not.

At Alert Level 3, children should only go to school if their parents are required to work and there is no other care option available at home. Ultimately, schools, for the most part, do remain closed except for those workers where there are no other options available for the care of their children.

At Alert Level 3, it is not mandatory to wear face coverings in schools and early learning services.

At this point in time, the Ministry of Health does not recommend the wearing of face coverings for children under 12 years, in general, as it is difficult for them to use them correctly. Incorrect use of face coverings erodes their efficacy against transmission.

In schools and early learning services, there is an extensive range of mitigating measures that will help to prevent spread of illness, including COVID-19. These include:
  • staying home if you are unwell and seeking advice about getting tested
  • maintaining good hand hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette
  • keeping groups very small (no more than 10 children in a bubble), and well-separated from other groups
  • keeping physically distanced as much as practicable
  • keeping classrooms well ventilated
  • maintaining a two-metre distance from others when outside
  • well-established record keeping.
Importantly at Alert Level 3 there is a lower risk that COVID-19 is in the community than at Alert Level 4. Extensive wastewater testing and record-breaking numbers of people getting tested across the country, has given the Government confidence that it is safe to allow a shift down to Alert Level 3 across most of New Zealand. Moving to Alert Level 4 quickly has worked to contain the outbreak.

None of this however prevents anyone from choosing to wear a face covering. If someone does want to wear a face covering, including in their school bubble, they are encouraged to read the guidance about how to use a face mask safely on the Ministry of Health website.

Public health advice

Here is a statement from the Ministry of Health (31 August 2021):

We continue to look at the evolving evidence around the transmission of COVID-19 in different settings, including educational settings, particularly in light of the new variants to inform the public health advice about face coverings (including masks) for children and young people at school and early learning services.

The two key public health principles that support Alert Level 3 are first to minimise the risk that someone gets infected in the first place, and second to limit the number of possible contacts people have if they do get infected to make it easier to rapidly stop further spread.

When reviewing the evidence for children and young people, we have considered the potential benefits of the role face coverings play in reducing the spread of the virus and any potential harms or risks.

The Alert Level 3 approach in a school environment is designed to limit the number of people that children have contact with based on these principles. Taking into account the other mitigating measures in schools, it is possible to lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission in these settings. Because it is possible to ensure that children are within the same group each day with no mixing between groups, it is acceptable from a public health perspective to have a group of children learning together. Our advice is to limit this to 10 children in each group.

Schools reinforcing good hygiene practices are undertaking regular cleaning and having staff, children and young people are staying away if they are sick. At Alert Level 3, where practicable, physical distancing is in place, particularly between adults.

Overall, we think it is important not to interfere with learning as much as possible, so it's about balancing up the benefits against the potential harms.

Compared to other places, schools and early learning services are not environments where we have seen significant spread of COVID-19. Household members and work colleagues who are in close contact with people with COVID-19 are the most common sources of transmission.

Based on what we know about face coverings and transmission in children, we are taking this balanced approach at this time. If new evidence emerges, this guidance will be revised.

It is also important that parents fully support this approach by doing their bit – keeping children home if they are unwell and seeking medical advice about whether a child may need to be tested, strictly maintaining their family 'bubble' outside the school environment and ensuring great hygiene practices at all times.

Dates for Your Diary

Please keep checking the Events Calendar on the school website. All coming events will continue to be updated here. Add to my Calendar.

2021 Term 3

Please ensure you refer to the school App or Website Calendar as we updating this daily with event updates.

Week 6

CANCELLED - Friday 3 September - Non-uniform day PTFA 2 - Gold coin please - funds raised to buy ingredients for cooking for Family Twilight Fun Evening Dec 3

CANCELLED - Sunday 5 September - School Mass, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

Week 7

Tongan Language Week

POSTPONED - Thursday 9 September - 2.20pm Blessing of the Library Te Whakaruruhau

CANCELLED - Thursday 9 September - Book Fair starts

Week 8

Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori – Māori Language Week

CANCELLED - Book Fair (Ends Wednesday 15 September)

Friday 17 September - PTFA Lunch

Friday 17 September - Te Totara Assembly

Week 9

Tuesday 21 September - DanceNZ Made, venue to be confirmed

CANCELLED - Thursday 23 September - Catholic Schools Whanaungatanga Festival

Friday 24 September - Non-uniform day PTFA 3 - Gold coin please - funds raised to buy ingredients for cooking for Family Twilight Fun Evening Dec 3

Week 10

Chinese Language Week

Wednesday 29 September - Catholic Schools Day

Wednesday 29 September - Performing Arts Assembly 1.30pm

Friday 1 October - Last Day of Term 3

Getting Involved

The Yummy Sticker promotion sticker deadline has been extended until Auckland are in Level 2.

Click on the links below for your Collection Sheets, or grab one from the School Office foyer.

Cut out Label Collection Sheet
New Variety Sticker Collection
Sticker Collection Sheet

Stamps, Can Tabs, Wine Bottle Tops - One small way we can make life easier for others which costs us nothing, is to collect Stamps, Can Tabs and Wine Bottle Tops. You will find boxes for these in the Office foyer. If, as a family you don’t already set these items aside for Kidney Kids at Starship and the Missions you might like to start as a very visible witness to demonstrating Jesus example of LOVE. Encourage neighbours and family to do the same. There is no deadline.

Please support our sponsors


2021 Term Dates & Holidays

St James' Communication Guidelines - please ensure you have signed up to our School App and that you are receiving school newsletters by email as this is how we communicate with our school community. Please follow the link for instructions. If you are not receiving newsletters by email, please email the school office and we can coordinate this for you.

DanceNZ Made - this has been moved to 21 September and a venue is yet to be confirmed. Thank you to those who have paid their workshop fees, if you haven't your attention to this is appreciated.

These need to be paid prior to attending the workshops.

Year 9 Enrolments at St Peters College - SPC have extended the closing date from (31 August 2021) to Friday 17 September 2021 - in the hope that we are back down to Level 2 and school has reopened.

Please scan and email all enrolment papers to:

You must include your signed Preference Certificate.

If you are yet to get your Preference Certificate signed off by Catholic Parish - Fr Joe Grayland has made himself available for online appointments to have this done. Email Fr Joe with a copy of your preference certificate and baptism certificate he will get in contact with a time to 'google meet or Zoom'. His email is