Roxanne Goodrum

Mini Mary Poppins

Faithful Woman

What a faithful woman. My grandmother, Roxanne Goodrum has been such a trooper through all her life. Her father my great grandfather was in the army he had fought most of his life and she had to live there on the army grounds and she had to move a lot. My grandmother is a great person that I admire. Because she had gone through two much.

A hard start

A hard start

My grandma "marmie" had such a hard start to life. When my grandma was born she too small she almost did not make it. My great grandmother Mama was having a very hard time in life with her husband in the army know family to help her because of having a small baby who is barely surviving and a older girl who had a broken leg. One night a couple nights after my grandmothers birth she was taking a nap in her moms room well my great grandmother was cooking and up stairs in the crib Roxanne stoped breathing and had a very hard time crying and her mom did not hear her so it was hard and she only made it because her sister Ruth was upstairs at the time and she heard Roxanne so she yelled but not loud enough she grabbed Roxanne and ran down stairs and handed the baby to the mother and mother and my great grandma did cpr on that tiny infant.

Audia Brielle Hodges

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