Orphan Train

summer reading 2014

character analysis

Sixteen year old, Molly Ayer, is a girl who is orphan looking for a new home. Her siblings and parnets died in a tragic fire in their house. She was shipped away with the rest of the children looking for a new home on a train in maine. Molly's life however was not as happy as most people are. She came from a family of poor, unhealthy children living in the city as stated in the book "Despite living in a seaside village...". It was so bad that for dinner she would have to make raw potatoes and soup for dinner every night because her mother was sick. In the book Molly is the bravest independent girl living on her own now trying to get adopted and is raised by strangers.


The theme of this story is that its a powerful touching novel showing that girls can do and can be brave and to not give up on anything even when its bad. Molly's life was completely turned upside down. The setting to this story was in New York City to Manie as Molly was being raised by competele strangers and trying to get herself around the world by herself. Molly now has a tidy bedroom, sober foster parnets and a boyfriend. Her life seems to be getting better one day at a time but her attitude has changed she has become someone who isn't her real self. Throughout the book I think that the author catchs onto her characters changings.


I think that the book spoke to some people exspecailly the way that Molly lived. Some people are spoiled and think that they are better than everyone else which is so false. I did not really enjoy the book i found it somewhat confusing and it wasn't or isn't something id recommend to other readers. Its a touching book but there's no suprises or game like details. I find the book to be very dull and boring I think the author, Christina Baker, could of done a better job.