By Fatima

Help needed!

For my quinceanera I need help raising money to well rent a hall, buy a dress, reserve the church, etc.. Mainly for right now getting my dress is my goal. I said that I would raise money to buy my dress when I am 15, but I can't necessarily get a job and pay it off you see my quinceanera is in 2 years (you can guess my age). That's where you come in. Anything from you can help. It could even be a dollar, because hey that's one dollar closer to that dress. Or just plain throw out ideas to me so I can get an idea on what to do, for example like a bake sale.

What you can do:

You can do anything you can, from dress ideas, ideas for raising money, to pitching in a dollar or two ;). Really anything in this case helps. Below you'll find some dress descriptions, and on what type of dress I'm looking for.