Nicole Maines

By Filiberto Ruiz Per 3

Background on Said Activism

When Nicole was born she was identified as a boy at birth. However, in the 5th grade she was told by the school that she couldn't use the girls bathroom and had to use the staff bathroom even though Nicole identifies herself as a girl. She took the school to court later that she was discriminated on and the school was found guilty of discrimination against a student, given 75k after the suit.

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Quote From Nicole

"I am a transgender child who was born a boy, but I always knew I was a girl. I changed my name and wore my first dress to school. I was worried what my friends would say but that said it was about time"

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Activism and how she is classified as a heroine.

.Nicole has made it possible that transgender students are not discriminated on and is considered a violation of human right.

.She hopes that young woman across the nation to advocate for change.

Nicole is seen as a heroine because she stood up for her rights to be seen as girl, like how she has always felt, and to not be stricken with discrimination because of whats on her birth certificate. The definition of a hero is that they stand for a cause that's not for their self interest for the good of the community and even making some sacrifices along the way.

Transgender Teen Wins A Long Battle For A Basic Human Right