Transform Your Talk in An Instant

in The Coaching Lounge

with Jill Vanderwood

For some, the thought of speaking in front of others gives rise to feelings of trepidation, fear and anxiety. We can become so fixated with the image of everything going wrong, rather than focusing on what needs to happen for the message to be transmitted in the way we would like. Over analysis brings on paralysis, that can lead to under performance or the feeling of excruciating embarrassment, where you wish the floor would just swallow you up.

This dis-empowering vision might create a version of events that lives out your fears, resulting in a cycle of low confidence. Yet, there are easy techniques, that when practiced and applied, will increase your performance in the setting of a job interview, at meetings, for presentations or in social settings.

Life Coach Rebecca Gordon interviews author of 'Shaking Behind The Microphone', Jill Vanderwood, who explains how she was forced to overcome her fear of public speaking and some of the approaches she took that boosted her confidence. By applying the tips in this podcast, you will know how to transform your talks in an instant and remain relaxed and at ease in the process.

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