Nuremberg trials

A indept look at one defendant at the Nuremberg trial

Hans Frank

Hans frank joined the nazi party in 1927 hitter appointed him as the head of the general government and in 1939 he was responsible for putting 2.5 million Jews in slave labor. In his trial he denied knowing anything about auschwits.

Hans frank diary

One thing brought to court was Hans frank diary it states and I quate "The Jews must be eliminated. Whenever we catch one, it is his end"...."This territory [Poland] is in its entirety the booty of the German Reich"...."I have not been hesitant in declaring that when a German is shot, up to 100 Poles shall be shot too."--from the diary of Hans Frank.

Some pictures of him

The sentence

I believe the crime fit the punishment because a person high up and did not about a place like the concentration camps are liers and deserve to die