How does the Library Team support the Shuksan community?

We are here for you!

Here’s a short and incomplete list of what your Shuksan Library Team can do to help you AND your students throughout the school year!!

Library Services CJ can Provide

Can you help me find resources?

Yes!! Please let me help you lift the heavy weight of finding resources. Please let me know if I can do any of this work for and with you:

  • Locate resources
  • Pull books
  • Create links
  • Show students how to use resources
  • Find contact names
  • Design research learning targets and lessons
  • Create Padlets and 1Note teaching pages for students

Can you promote Book Love with Book Talks?

Yes! It makes me so happy to put books into students' hands. I love it even more when they finish them!

I can create short blurbs for you to talk up books. I can also find (or create) digital book talks for you to use in your classroom. I will send out regular newsletters highlighting new books and would love for you to add them to your 1Notes. I can also give book talks for classroom visits.

Do you have a specific book you'd like me to showcase or promote? Please let me know!

Can you Co-Teach and Differentiate with me?

Yes! Please let me know how I can provide classroom support. I can also help co-teach lessons with you-- in your class or @thelibrary.

Here are some of the topics we might address:

  • how to locate and/or analyze secondary sources
  • how to write a bibliography
  • how to cite sources
  • how to avoid plagiarism
  • how to find public domain photos and music
  • how to use Step Up to Writing and/or Thinking Maps
  • how to use the Library Catalog
  • how to use the Bellingham Public Library


Can you help me fulfill a dream? I'd love to! If you would like to host an event in the library or you want to talk through a Teaching Hope, please let me support your work.