The Ritenour Review

2017 - 2018 Fourth Grade Weekly News

Four Day Week!

Four-day weeks are short, sweet and filled with lots of learning. As we returned from a three-day weekend and recovered from Camp Tecumseh, we hit the ground running this week and looked to get our schedule back on track.

This week, we spent a lot of our morning working on being grateful for our camping experience and we took time to write thank you letters to the wonderful chaperones that assisted us during our time at Camp Tecumseh. After riding on a bus with 25 kiddos, you deserve a few heartfelt letters! We even wrote a few whole class letters to our camp instructors, too! It was a meaningful time in our week to be reflective and grateful. We also had a lot of fun reliving some of our favorite camp memories! Oggy! Oggy! Oggy!!

In math, we worked on inspecting equations. An example problem: 36+24 = a + 25. As the class explored this equation, several classmates shared different ideas for solving this problem. We are focusing a lot on seeing an equation as a balancing act: the left should be balanced with the right. We are breaking our habit of thinking the 'answer' is going to be on the right side and seeing the problem through a different lens. Watching them find different strategies and use their own words to describe their solutions has been fun for the whole class.

In reading, we are working on envisioning our stories. We have looked at the 3rd grade and 4th grade learning progression and identifying where we currently are within this progression. The class had a lot of fun as a conclusion activity today when they got the chance to grade the teacher! It's always fun to give feedback when the work is not your own. It's even more fun when you get to fix the teachers mistakes! We all had a lot of fun with this activity.

In science, we had a delay in our science material shipment this month, so we took this week's beautiful weather as an opportunity to spend some time outdoors and focus on habitats and how humans and wildlife affect one another's environment. Although, this week was not in my initial plans, it has been a fun detour and we made the most of our week!

With our words, we have been reviewing commonly misspelled patterns and high frequency words. We are getting better at diving into our words and finding the patterns and rules. Several students have suggested other patterns they are seeing within their words and I am loving it! Teaching the teacher!

Coming up next!

  • Math: We will visit traditional subtraction!! I know I can see many parents jumping for joy! This is the strategy you all know and love! We still have a little over a week left of this unit and will be testing in about 2 weeks. The final 5 lessons in the unit will review geometry from last year.
  • Reading: We will dive into theories on our characters, how we can interpret their motivations and building a passionate reading life.
  • Science: We will close out our habitat discussion early this coming week. Our science kit FINALLY arrived and we will get to dive into some hands-on ENERGY lessons soon.
  • Writing: Our thank you letters are completed, so we will jump back into our narrative writing unit again. Some of the stories are starting to develop into beautiful tales of their lives.


Our fall conferences are right around the corner! In the next week, you will receive an e-mail with dates for you to pick. I will have traditional conferences in the fall and will meet with each family one-on-one. You are more than welcome to bring your student with you to the conference. It is always beneficial for he or she to be a part of the conversation. I am also more than happy to just meet with the parents.

In the spring, I would like to hold a Student-Led conference round again. I learned a lot from last year's spring conferences and I cannot wait to host those again and apply a few positive changes.

Special's Schedule

  • Monday: STEM
  • Tuesday: Music
  • Wednesday: Art
  • Thursday: Wellness **bring/wear tennis shoes
  • Friday: Library

Upcoming Dates!

September 11th - School Board Meeting

September 14th - PTO Meeting (6:00-7:00 in BME Café)

September 27th - Jog-A-Thon

October 12th - PTO Meeting (6:00-7:00 in BME Café)