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Should schools start later in the morning?

Just a little can impact with a huge difference!


My claim is that I support that students should start school later in the mornings. Numerous amount of kids are not morning person when it comes to school time schedule. I think that schools should change the school time because most teenagers need about 8-10 hours of sleep a day and that might help students learn better. I mean everyone wants to rest as much as they can so when they wake up they can feel more productive and they feel like they have a lot of energy.

1. Starting school later can help students get more learning~

Paul Kelley, Steven Lockey, Russell Foster and Jonathan Kelley, some scientist from University of Oxford, Harvard University, an University of Nevadargue, that letting students sleep and starting school later can increase to better health and academic skills.

2. Starting can improve~

Starting school later as you know everyone could say that it can improve learning more but it can also include improving alertness, memory, attention and different types of other skills, like it can include academic skills and more.

3. Can reduce accedients~

Some kids in high school can drive and have their own car. Sometimes it can be dangerous for students to drive but they are asleep. If we start school later for them and us it can reduce fewer car crashes due to the sleepiness for students. Can also help improve psychomotor performance which can help you focus and steer better if your wide awake.

4. Can help us feel better with our emotional feelings and physical feelings~

Starting school later can help us feel more productive, can improve our mood and impulse control and can help with a stronger immune system.

5. Can reduce other health issues to happen~

Can help reduce obesity, eating disorder, and diabetes. Therefore, obesity, eating disorder, and diabetes, can make a huge impact which can make us reduce what we eat and it makes it way harder to eat. You would have to control what you eat and try to make everything harder to track what you eat.

Even Schools have tested this out, so why what are you doing! Go and tell everyone this should change!

"In 2014, the University of Minnesota released a study that examined data from more than 9,000 students attending eight high schools in three states. The study found that attendance and academic performance in math, English, science and social studies improved at schools with later start times." -

Take Action~

Take action now and tell everyone around you if this should happen and how much it can impact our lives more with a huge different!

~Just a little can impact with a huge difference!