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September 10th

Dear Parents,

We had another great week here at McAnally! Our students are digging in and learning is really ramping up. Our teams have set their Essential Standards for the first Cycle. As a Professional Learning Community, this is a critical part of our practice. Our promise to you is that your child will master these skills. Here is what Cycle 1 has in store!


  • 6.2(D) - order a set of rational numbers arising from mathematical and real-world contexts
  • 6.3(D) – add, subtract, multiply, & divide integers fluently
  • 6.3(E) – Multiply and divide positive rational numbers fluently


  • 6.7 B analyze how the characters' internal and external responses develop the plot
  • 6.7 C analyze plot elements, including rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, and non-linear elements such as flashback

  • 6.7 D analyze how the setting, including historical and cultural settings, influences character and plot development

  • 6.9D describe how the author's use of figurative language such as metaphor and personification achieves specific purposes

  • 6.9 E identify the use of literary devices, including omniscient and limited point of view, to achieve a specific purpose


  • 6.8: Force, motion, and energy. The student knows force and motion are related to potential and kinetic energy.
  • 6.8A compare and contrast potential and kinetic energy
  • 6.9: Force, motion, and energy. The student knows that the Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes form.
  • 6.9C demonstrate energy transformations such as energy in a flashlight battery changes from chemical energy to electrical energy to light energy.

Social Studies

  • 6.3A Identify and explain the geographic factors responsible for patterns of population in places and regions.

  • 6.11A describe and compare roles and responsibilities of citizens in various contemporary societies, including the United States

This is our way of ensuring high levels of learning for ALL students at McAnally. Just remember, we don't expect our students to be great from the start, but we do expect them to start in order to be great. This is just the beginning of our journey towards mastering our standards. Please encourage your students, and talk to them about these topics.

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Principal Jenkins

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The Aledo PTO is an organization of volunteers. We are men and women working together toward a common goal. That goal, simply stated, is creating better educational experiences for our children. In supporting all staff of Aledo ISD, we are creating an atmosphere where teachers, administrators, and support staff can do their best work – and so can our children. There is so much that can be done, and we need your help!


September 16: School Pictures!

September 20: Big Kahuna PTO Fundraiser Kicks Off

September 24: Staff Professional Learning Day, student holiday

September 24: Aledo Homecoming, Aledo vs. Everman. Go BEARCATS!

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Monday and Tuesday we will read excerpts from Flipped and analyze how the characters' internal and external responses develop the plot (6.7 B). Students will complete a formative assessment on that standard to check for understanding on the second day. Then on Wednesday and Thursday we will read The Jacket. Our focus for this lesson will be describing how the author's use of figurative language such as metaphor and personification achieves specific purposes(6.9 D). Again, on our second day, students will complete a formative assessment to chek for understanding. Friday we will have our Midpoint, which will be for a summative grade. Students will also have the opportunity to visit our wonderful library and check out books with our fantastic librarian, Mrs. Buck. Please make sure your student brings their charged device to school daily with headphones.


Math students will be MAP testing on Monday and Tuesday. We will be going over our Unit 1 tests on Wednesday, and we will begin learning Unit 2 content on Thursday. Unit 2 encompasses adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers. On Thursday we will be adding “same sign” integers, for example: -3 + (-5) = -8. And on Friday we will be adding “different sign” integers, for example: 3 + (-5) = -2.


This week science will continue with energy focusing on energy transfer. We will discuss the seven main forms of energy and use another simulation and lab stations to learn to diagram energy transfers. At the end of the week, they should be able to share with you how energy transfers in flashlights, computers, and even in their daily lives.


This week is Constitution Week, the commemoration of America's most important document. We will learn about various types of government including democracy. We will focus more on the rights and responsibilities of citizens of this country and analyze why limiting the power of the government is important for democracy.



In an effort to understand where each of our students are academically at the start of the year, monitor their progress during the school year and align instruction for their individual needs the district will be administering an academic screener in math and reading at the beginning, middle and end of the year. Student results from these assessments will be sent home following the close of each screener window.

Below is information related to the beginning-of-year (BOY) math and reading screeners. After the close of the assessment window and reports are generated, parents will be notified of when to expect student results.

3rd-10th Grade:

(10th graders in OnRamps Algebra or PreCalculus/OnRamps PreCalculus will not participate.)

Counselor Corner

September is suicide prevention and awareness month.

The Texas legislature has enacted a law encouraging public school districts to adopt an evidence-based suicide prevention program. In the spring of 2020, the Aledo ISD School Health Advisory Council and the Board of Trustees adopted one such program, called Lifelines, to be used in sixth grade. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death, even among children this young. The Lifelines Suicide Prevention Program focuses predominantly around recognizing signs of suicide in friends and becoming a proactive peer to assist someone in need. This program has been used in thousands of schools since it was first published in 2009. It has proved successful at increasing help-seeking behaviors by students concerned about the potential of a suicide attempt, either by themselves or by a friend.

On September 17th, all sixth grade students will participate in the Lifelines Prevention lessons during their McCat/Flex class period. The presentation will be shown electronically on the promethean board in the classroom with a teacher in the classroom to facilitate. If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please contact McAnally counselor, Trisha Huffman at

If you wish for your child to participate in the LifeLines Suicide Prevention lessons, you do not need to do anything further.

If you DO NOT wish for your child to participate in the Lifelines Suicide Prevention Program, please complete the form below.


The Aledo ISD has made updates to the district’s COVID-19 protocols. As reports of cases of COVID-19 stay consistent in our community, please take the time to review the protocols at

Adjustment to Notice of Positive Cases

We have adjusted our reporting practices and the notices that we send to parents and staff, including:

  • Secondary (grades 6-12) notifications: Charts listed on the district’s COVID-19 webpage will be updated on school days to reflect where an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, by classroom and UIL extracurricular activity, has been present in the previous 10 days.

  • Elementary (grades PK-5) notifications: No change in notification; notice will be sent to parents of students in grades PreK-5 if an individual in their child’s class has tested positive.

Please read the “Notifications” section of our Health and Safety Protocols for full details on these updated AISD COVID-19 notifications.

COVID-19 Related Absences

Any absence due to COVID-19 close contact or positive test is an excused absence. We ask that you fill out this form where you will indicate that your child will be absent and why to help ensure that your child’s absence is counted as excused. Please also email your child’s teacher(s) to let them know the length of time your child will miss school. Please note: Our attendance system defaults to mark all absences as unexcused. Our staff manually changes absences to excused based on our COVID-19 reporting, doctors notes, etc., and this process can take 1-2 days.Please be patient with our staff as they work through this process.

* * *

Please know that we are working our hardest to keep our schools open and operating for our children. COVID-19 is having a significant impact on our staffing of classrooms and departments every single day. You can help us in this process by:

  • Screening your child(ren) for symptoms of illness every day.

  • Keeping your child(ren) at home if they are ill.

  • Reporting to us your child’s illness and absence.

  • Following the quarantine requirements and recommendations, when necessary.

We understand that all of this is a great hardship for your family and appreciate so much our entire community coming together in an effort to keep our children and staff healthy and our schools open.

Visit or email with any questions.


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The Aledo ISD is excited to roll out the Versatrans My Stop App for parents to track their students' bus location and arrival times as well as to receive notifications on delays or other pertinent information. Please be patient as we are also learning and revising best practices for how to use this app.

Find links to download the app, information on how to use the app and FAQs on this website.

Dismissal Reminders!

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Circle of Greatness Nomination Form

Do you want to recognize an employee for going above and beyond and embodying #GrowingGreatness? Nominate them today for the Aledo ISD Circle of Greatness!

COVID Reporting Form

Please complete this form if a student or employee has tested positive, shown symptoms or been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.

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