Guide to Bunburying

By: TaShaun Edwards

What's Bunburying ?

Bunburying is when you use a fake/made-up person to get out of everyday responsibilities. Bunburying is a way to live a life you've always dreamed of.

Why would someone want to Bunbury?

Why wouldn't someone want to Bunbury?? You can be whoever you want. People Bunbury if they have a lot of responsibilities. Most people Bunbury to get away from everyday life, or to get out of things they don't want to do. The goal in this game is NOT to get caught.

why you and bunbury should live far apart?

You should live far away from Bunbury so you won't interact with the same crowd of people.

steps of how to become a bunburyist

1. Get different name

2. Get different address

3. Get different phone lines

4. Get different disguises (false teeth, wigs, make-up, clothes, etc.)

5. Get a different Social Security card

6. Get a different ID


1. People might find out your true identity.

2. People might not like you as much when they learn your true identity.

3. You might slip up and say something from your other life

4. You might forget to swipe out your ID or phone.

5. You might take a picture with a friend and they show someone.

How to prevent problems that might occur while bunburying

1. Don't allow your picture to be taken under any circumstances.

2. Have good comebacks for suspicious people.

3. Have a good memory.

4. Don't go anywhere without proper identification.

5. Plan out your day before going out.

6. Double check yourself and belongings before leaving.

7. Think twice before speaking.

8. Make escape routes just in case.

9. Be extremely organized.

Good Luck on Bunburying!

The information above will lead you to a Bunburying success. Have fun with your double-life !