"The Independent Brave Fish"

"The Independent Brave Fish

Once upon a fable, there was a purple fish named Sparkle. That purple fish had a yellow stripe running down its back. All of the other orange fishes laughed at her because she looked different. Sparkle got sadder and more depressed. She wondered,"are they jealous of my stripe?" She began to wonder why she had that yellow stupid stripe in the first place. She kept thinking and wondering it was eating her up inside, but she just didn't have a clue. She looked in multiple objects in the ocean, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't see herself, so then she began to wonder if she looked ugly. Her mom and dad didn't know why she was upset, she tried to hide how down and sad she was but she couldn't hide it. Sparkle didn't want to ask anyone how she got her stripe. So, she just made up her own story of how she got her stripe.

The next day at school when all of her classmates began to laugh and gossip she got up and took a deep breath," I know that you are laughing and talking about me and my beautiful stripe. But don't laugh at me. Laugh at yourself, you can laugh at me all you want, but you have flaws too. You are not perfect, I'm not perfect, you are not perfect, nobody is 100% perfect.