Colin Powell

Justin Serrano

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Birth of Colin Powell

Name: Colin Luther Powell---Birth Date: April 05, 1937---Place of Birth: New York, New York---Parents: Luther and Maud Powell



Me: What made you interested in the army?

Colin: I became interested when i joined the ROTC group at my college and became the commander of my unit.

Me: How did you recieve the Soldiers Medal?

Colin: I recieved the medal for pulling several men from a burning helicopter.

Me: Were there any people that had a major influence in your career?

Colin: Yes. My director at the Office of Management and Budget, Caspar Weinberger, and my deputy, Frank Carlucc, both had an influence on my career.

Me: What did you have to do when you were nominated to become chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Colin: I had to take on way more responsibility.

Me: When were you mentioned as a potential candidate for president?

Colin: When i retired from the military in 1993.


Journal Entry

After Powell retired from the military in 1993, he was often mentioned as a potential candidate for president. While many hoped that he would run for president in 1996, he announced in 1995 that he would not do so. Instead, Powell supported George W. Bush in the campaign that led to Bush's election in 2000. On December 16, 2000, Bush announced that he would name Powell as his secretary of state, the nation's top foreign policy position. Powell was the first African American named to this post.