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We need HOPE Award speakers! This is next week! :)

It is time for your PDP mid-year review. Go into the system, answer the box about progress thus far, and submit. Thank you to those who have given feedback on the SEL--very helpful! However, I only have 5 of these submitted. Please take care of this ASAP.


Tuesday: We have a teacher from another district observing today for her PD.

Vocational Rehab here

Music Group


Thursday: 8:00-10:45: MN at Principals' Meeting



NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

2/24: MOCSA here 9:30: Sexual Harassment (think about WHO)

2/26: Marimac Valley Schools to visit LA

2/27: HOPE Awards

HOPE Award Winners...WHO wants to present?

WHO is willing and able to present for this year's winners? Let me know!

Secondary Awards: Thursday, February 27, 6:30 pm, Heritage Middle School

Personal Initiative: Angelina

Humanitarian: Gabriel

Courage: Cameron Roberson

Integrity: Caleb

SEL Lesson for NEXT Week (Feb 24-28)

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Big picture

Lesson 21: Using the ESP Problem-Solving Process: Problem-solving with ESP, part 1--Evaluate and Select

Problem-Solving: the process of finding, considering, and implementing solutions to challenges.

Need copies of the ESP Form and the Annotated ESP Form

Review: Students can share their writing about empathy OR have a general discussion about the skills covered so far. WHich ones do students use the most? Which ones seem most difficult?

Circle: When you have a problem, how do you usually go about solving it?

Skill Introduction: Students will learn a problem-solving process, ESP (Evaluate, Select, Proceed). ESP will help them understand situations more clearly and have better ideas for moving forward. ESP will build on skills they have already learned. This week we will cover Evaluate and Select, and we will cover the last step, Proceed, next week.

Distribute copies of the blank ESP form as well as the annotated version. Walk students through the Evaluate and Select sections of the form. As a guide, use the annotated copy. Allow the annotated copy to drive organic discussions.

Reflection: Compare the ESP process to how you normally approach problems. Empathize with students about how hard it can be to deal with challenging situations, reminding them that everyone has to face difficult decisions and solve hard problems. ESP is a tool they can use to effectively handle problems. ESP helps them use their brains, hearts, eyes, and ears together--something that people often don’t do.

Journal: Thinking about the E and S part of ESP for problem-solving, identify problem situations you are facing and journal about them using the ESP form.

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Found this graphic in an education group that I follow. Thought it was a good reminder. When we surveyed students, anxiety/depression was reported second to ADHD.
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The education world would tell us that we are in one of the most difficult times of the year. However, let me tell you that it sure doesn't seem that way when you get to work with a whole bunch of super heroes like yourselves! Thank you for ALL you do! Each of you is an amazing part of this team, and I'm thankful for the work you do each day!