Phil Night

By Chad Boutin


Nike got there name from a Greek goddess its means Victory.In 1971 they change there name to that it used to be Blue Ribbon Sports.They got popular by signing famous sport athletes.the Nike swish was designed by Carolyn Davidson who was a graphic designer at Portland State University.

Phil Knight early years

Phil Knight went to the army for one year and served seven years in the Army reserve.He went to Stanford business school and immediately fell in love with business.


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How he got involed

He was involved personally by visiting Japan and arranging to import new-design running shoes himself.he wanted to design a high quality low cost Japanese running shoe.And eventually displace high quality brands like Adidas etc.He said anybody can make shoes but can they make good ones.And then after visiting Japan he called Bowerman and asked him if he wanted to join him.

12 characteristics

1-Phil Knight was willing to take thought because he came up with the idea of making the company and he find people to make his product

2 different quality of thought was that his shoe brand was better for running and better quality than other and his sales started going up after

3 Phil Knight loved intro to business when he took the class he instantly fell in love with it.he went to Stanford business-school

4He had a good vision because he knew that he could make a good product with Bowerman because he was a great track star.

5 He was self sufficient because this was his plan and no one tried to change his product on him

6 He always wanted to do better with his product good wasn't enough he keep making different products.

7He always keep trying things even no it was hard he never quit example one his product was doing bad he found the solution to fix it.He made shoes more for everyday basics.

8 He controlled where his product was made he let the asian industry where he got his shoes made for a cheaper price

9he was not willing stop stop for a couple years it was difficult and he had to wait for people to look at his product and he had to get a job while waiting and negotiating with people

10He took a chance with hiring Bowerman because he barely knew the guy and he didn't know if he would make good shoes.also they both put 500 into the business to get it started.

11he believed in his business that Bowerman could make a good product and selling it to runners.

12Phil Knight had to hold his word saying Nike is better quality shoe that means he had to hold his word.


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