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September 2015 made a fantastic report from the minds of one of our bright 5th period teams!

Check out one of the pages from their comic report below. Down a bit farther you'll find just a few of the amazing posters the students drew (the old fashioned way with markers and paper) and presented to the class. Each pair of students put a ton of work into researching companies and designing an infographic-style poster. I was very impressed with a lot of the final products.
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CHeck out this short clip by two of our Business students!


We are a bit behind in our schedule, but we will be making up some ground as the first 6 weeks come to a close. I am attaching the link to a tentative calendar for October. This is a slower-paced calendar than I would like, so I think it will be adjusted often. I have provided a shared copy of the calendar to each student, and the copy they have on their Google Drive is updated automatically with my changes.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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Vocabulary Plan

I am leaving this quick article here for a few weeks as a reminder

Business is a vocabulary-intensive discipline, and we have a ton of words to learn as we discuss these concepts in depth. To help each and every student keep up with the ever-growing list, we will be having vocabulary assessments every Friday with a worksheet due at the time of the assessment. These are usually a list of 15 to 20 words and definitions each week, and I have arranged formative vocabulary assessments throughout the weekdays to help prepare for the weekly quiz.

The vocabulary worksheet will be posted online, and can be downloaded each Monday. I will be encouraging students to use Quizlet for studying. This is an effective app that can be used to create digital flashcards and study games. Don't get behind on this one!