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February/March 2021

Celebrating excellence in us all!

It seems that Union County, New Jersey got hit with snowstorm after snowstorm. But the Jefferson staff and students have trudged through it all and continued providing outstanding curriculum and a desire to learn. March 1 was our first day of hybrid learning as well. Though, we, the teachers, were in professional development trainings, we missed seeing our students on camera.

But we'll be back on Google Meet or Zoom on March 8. I, along with Mrs. Torr, our lovely Library Media Clerk, will be LIVE from the BKLMC.

We're looking forward to our hybrid students coming in on March 15. Don't worry, whatever the hybrid students will be doing, our remote students will, too. Be patient as we embark on this journey.

Happy reading, Blue Knights!! Spring is COMING, March 20!!

Center Stage: February's Moments

Masterclass Recap - Mr. Toscano's Disney Animation Magic!!

During the Synergize period, Jefferson students had the opportunity to act like Disney animators under the artistic direction of Mr. Toscano. Check out some of their examples. Wow, I think we have some future animators here at Jefferson!

Researching Black Notable Figures for Black History Month

BKLMC studied the life of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg

Curator of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Afro-Puerto Rican born in 1874, died in Brooklyn 1938

Taught at Fisk University (HBCU)

Traveled collecting artifacts related to the black experience

Schomburg Center holds over 10 million items

Inquiring Minds What to Know...

Deven D. asked:

Where is Schomburg buried?

Arturo Schomburg is buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.

Aizen D. asked

I wonder how he [Schomburg] got so many artifacts.

He traveled the world and bought the artifacts that many people thought had no value (Weatherford, 34.)

Dylan V. asked

Why did they make a Schomburg Center?

Schomburg's collection had grown too large to keep in his family's home, so he sold it, and it was donated to the New York Public Library. It's renamed the Schomburg Center after Schomburg's death (Weatherford, 42).

Need Citation Help for Research, Blue Knights? We use the Modern Language Association (MLA)'s style. Examples include a website and book citation.

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Student Spotlight!!! Black History Month Posters

Gotta give it up to these outstanding research examples of notable African-Americans done by Jefferson students. Imagine 10- and 11-year old children writing citations on their work!!

First Day of Hybrid Learning! March 1

This is the mural outside the front doors of our beloved Blue Knights Library Media Center. Whether you're with us in the BKLMC or still remote, we will continue to connect and share our love for reading and explore more ways to gain information literacy skills.
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Jefferson Enjoyed Read Across America - March 1 - 5

We had a special treat courtesy of Mrs. Kruaze, the Union High School school librarian and UHS students as they read a variety of books to our students, even a book was read to us in Yoruba. Didn't get to see, click here.

Other fun activities in the lesson linked to our new ebook digital tool, MackinVIA. (ATTENTION: Jefferson teachers, you can browse by using this link as if you are a Jefferson student; a teacher instruction email will be provided in the coming weeks).

If you guys completed the jigsaw puzzle in the Week 24 lesson, you'd find a clue. On our digital shelves in MackinVIA, you'd be able to find the item. **Hint, it's the title of a popular book series written by Kayla Miller.** All of this is a continued effort to instill the joy and importance of reading and developing our literacy skills.

Let's Celebrate Women's History Month Every March!!!

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Epic - Women's History Month Book Collection

  • Check out any of these books on Epic by clicking on the link below.
  • Browse the collection, then check out a book.
  • Log in with www.getepic.com and look for your name.
  • Don't see your name, then click on "Create a Profile".

Enjoy the books in this collection, Blue Knights!!

Newsletter Fun!

For St. Patrick's Day on March 17, let's play...

WOULD YOU RATHER? Check out your Google Classroom, Week 25 lesson for a fun activity. Find out "How to catch a leprechaun" and listen to these other read alouds below.


Engage & Inspire with Mrs. Schneiaer, 2021

Happy Cultivated, YouTube, 5 March, 2019.

Storyline Online, YouTube.

HOW TO CATCH A LEPRECHAUN Book Read Aloud | St Patrick's Day Books for Kids | Kids Books Read Aloud

Enjoy this true story about Jane Addams, the first woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

The House That Jane Built read by Kiernan Shipka

Enjoy this read aloud about a brave young African American girl for Black History Month & Women's History Month!

White Socks Only read by Amber Rose Tamblyn

Keep an EYE out for another set of Synergize: Masterclasses!!

  • Mr. Pardo - STEM March 8 - 12
  • Mr. Toscano - ART March 15 - 19
  • PE - March 22 - 26
  • Ms. Melchor - April 6 - 9
  • Ms. Carvajal - Spanish April 12 -16
  • Ms. Jenkins-Jackson - Library April 19 - 23

** Subject to change***