What To Expect When Expecting!

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Trimister 1

During the first trimster of the pregnancy the woman experience body changes that include: having a glow, and feeling miserable, slight bleeding in early trimster, breast tenderness. Mood changes, lost intrest, morning sickness, body aches "lower abdomen"

The placenta tranfers nutrients from the mother to the baby, features in the baby starts to develop as in, the throat, dark circles for eyes, blood cells are taking shape and circulation will begin. Month 2 of pregnancy the baby face starts to form, arms and legs start to form, and also fingers and toes. The baby central nervous system is well formed as well as sensory organs start to develop. By the end of the month that baby is a fetus and is about 2.54cm long and weighs about 9.45g

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Trimster 2

Meanwhile when entering the Second trimster of the pregnancy morning sickness and other commen symptoms fade away and you being to feel more normal. Although not all common symptoms fade away, backaches tend to happen, bleeding gums from hormores change, breast enlargment, congestion and nose bleeds.

During the second trimster the baby's feautures tend to be more visuable, fingers and toes are well develop, he/she tends to make and faces and suck its thumb, it can yawn and stretch and etc. Inside the womb the babies skin is covered in verinx caseosa it protect it from certian fluids and shed before birth. During the last trimster the baby is 6 inches long and weighs about 4 ounces.

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Trimster 3

At last the Third trimster, although these are the last few months this can be the most challenging time for your pregnancy. This is the time braxton hicks concractions start to kick in, they are mild concractions that prepared your uterus for the labor. During the trimster you tend to gain weight, 25-35 pounds most of the weight comes from the placenta and the baby.

Towards the end of the trimster the internal organs are fully developed, he/she can respond to sound and see light, as well as feel ans touch. The baby changes postions in the pelvis for labor and at the end of the pregnancy the baby is about 46-51cm long and weighs about seven pounds.

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Advice for the expectant father!!!

To the expectant father gaining a new born baby can be one the happiest but also most tiring job. The most important job is to be there for your wife and also help her with the baby. You can change diapers, play with the baby, feed, and also baby classes can help to bond with your new born. Depression can happen because of the blues and often being a afriad, but dont be afriad; your time is now and your newborn needs you! always keep your promises when you make them, and love; love, love!

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