Media Madness Report

Facebook Owns You!!

By: Johnny Smith

Multitasking Media Mess

What do you consider the negative sides of media to be? I consider it to be all the things you do with media that don’t necessarily help your lifestyle. When I first started using media I used one channel, which was TV. Multitasking is a major problem for me. My solution is what I call one channel lockdown.

My problem is multitasking. It’s caused while I’m doing one thing (any channel) and I’ll get distracted by another thing (cell phone). I multitask mostly with my phone as the second channel. Like TV and my phone, or music and my phone. From Children, Teens use daily media, more; it says 66% of teens have cell phones (Perna). It causes me not to pay attention to one of the channels most of the time. Also from Children, Teens use media more, it says multitasking teens pack 10 hours 45 minutes into their day (Perna). I could be talking to a person and I’ll get a text and I consider that to be rude when I look at my phone instead of the person. From report: Media use by teens, tweens media use grows to 53 hours a week, because kids are using their phones for more things like internet, which is multitasking (Rubin).

One channel lockdown is my solution. To only try and use one channel at a time. For example, when I’m watching TV I will turn off all other media channels that can distract me, like I can leave my phone in another room or turn off the music playing in the house. Another example is when I’m doing homework I will close the door in a room and turn off all distractions like a computer or a phone, only my binder and schoolwork will be the stuff I can use. I think the impact would be me being able to cut down on media use and be able to get things done more thoroughly and quickly, but still done clean.

I think almost everyone has a multitasking problem with media, not just me. I think people should try and use solutions like mine, or take it one channel at a time. In the future it may get worse because they are making new phones that are used for more and more things so there may even be less physical communication. Now that I’ve been using media for awhile I use all different kinds of media channels, like film, radio, music, TV, internet, and etc.

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