Polser Bears Library News

2015-2016 School Year

New Year--> New Beginnings

This is my first year at Polser Elementary School, and it has been such an incredible experience! After getting my feet wet this year, I cannot wait to be able to brainstorm this summer to come up with new and exciting ideas for next year! Here are some of the highlights of this year:

Library Stats for this School Year:

-Circulated 19,462 books (up from 14,112 last year)
-Added 500+ new books
-Had 800+ class library visits/lessons in the library
-Repaired 100+ books

Started the Delicious Reads! Reading Program

For this reading program, students met three reading goals through the month and received delicious incentives for meeting each goal. I incorporated the Pizza Hut Book It program into this reading program, as well as partnered with local restaurants and companies to provide coupons and free meal incentives for kids. Students that finished all three reading goals for the month were given an extra special prize, including admission to a Delicious Reads! Winter Party, admission to Ms. M's Seuss Shindig (for Dr. Seuss' Bday), and free books/posters.

193 Kids Participated in the Six Flags' Read to Succeed Program

I incorporated the Six Flags' Read to Succeed Program into the Delicious Reads! Reading Program, so kids who read 6 hours in the fall/winter for Delicious Reads! were automatically entered to get a free Six Flags Ticket!

Incorporating Makerspace into the Library

This year was the first year we had a Makerspace at Polser. In addition to visiting the Makerspace, I also incorporated "Makerspace in the Library" into my library visits once a month. Students were able to participate in Makerspace challenges, create hands-on science experiments (that were curriculum-driven), and tinker with K'nex and other STEM-focused kits.

Created the Little Engineers' Club as part of in-school clubs

I created and sponsored the Little Engineers' Club in the Fall and Spring here at Polser. Kids in 2nd through 5th grade were given challenges such as: Float the Boat Challenge (building a boat out of any materials that could then float), Newspaper forts (creating a structure that would be able to support itself), and Beebot masking tape mazes (creating a maze out of masking tape and then programming the Beebot to be able to maneuver within the maze). These challenges were all STEM-focused and really helped students to develop teamwork, resilience, and problem-solving.

Reading Buddies

I started a Reading Buddies program in the library, where older grades come in and read to younger grades. The kids really loved it!

4th Grade Enrichment: Coding and Little Inventor's Club

Tutoring and enrichment was incorporated into our school-day once a week. We introduced students to coding and then created a mini club called the Little Inventor's Club. In the Little Inventor's Club, we asked students to create a new invention or improve upon an existing invention. We then asked them to pick an inventor or invention and create a presentation introducing that inventor/invention to the group. This gave us the opportunity to talk about presentation skills, plagiarism, and citing sources. We also brought in Scott Jacobsen, our Instructional Technology Facilitator to teach the kids how to render their inventions using the 3-D modeling software Sketchup. Finally, we got so inspired by Kid President's Invention video on Youtube (see below) that we made him cards when he had surgery this spring. Guess what? He actually wrote us back!
How To Be An Inventor! | Kid President

Dr. Seuss' Bday/Read Across-America Program

To celebrate Dr. Seuss' Bday, I organized a Dr. Seuss Dress-Up Day, a school-wide Seuss Reading Buddy Program (pairing older grades with younger grades), and a Seuss Shindig for my Delicious Read! Readers.

Library Lessons

This year, I worked hard to incorporate classroom curriculum into my library lessons. Here are some examples of lessons we did:

Other achievements this year:

-Hosted and Coordinated the Polser Elementary School Spelling Bee
-Built and maintained the new Polser Elementary School Website for the District
-Tweeted 161 Polser Library Events/Programs/Videos/Photos
-Co-won Educator of the Month of May for Polser Elementary
-Participated in Hour of Code with 2nd-5th grade
-Participated in Digital Citizenship Week with 1st-5th grade
-Hosted a Kindergarten Macbook Bootcamp with 5th grade buddies