Rome agriculture

Citizenship and justice

Rome was one of the strongest empires,it had many reasons to be the strongest empire and its citizen ship and justice was a big part.

Rome had a strict rule in citizen ship there were 5 levels in roman society firat of senators the highest in the roman society. Second is Equestrians second in the order.third is commons that are normal roman citizens. Fourth is freed people that use to be slaves but then are freed either from the colosseum or from their owners but have limited rights. And the last ones are slaves that are captured during war and could be freed to become freed people.


Roman justice was a really big part of romans.

Romans had the same type of justice we do today at court except for the brutal punishments if found guilty, besides the point our part of justice to day originated from roman justice romans were strict with their rules and if you broke them you where in for a beating but im not here to talk about punishments because my partner took that job and i dont care because the juatice of rome was awesome and horrible because the justice of rome cost rome to fall and not have any more justice.