Genius Hour!

What is it?

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We begin with questions....

What are some of your current loves? Likes?

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not in school?

If you could read/learn about anything in the world, what would it be? What do you wonder about?

Now ... how could you turn that passion into a project and show the world that you’re a GENIUS???

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Students will be given THREE GENIUS HOURS every week to work on their project (students, be sure to bring your thinking cap), but they will also work on it at home. Students are welcome to use any materials they find at school, but they will also need to collect some of their own materials to finish the project. Projects MUST have a research component (students have to do research to learn about / generate ideas for their project). Our young scholars will need to keep track of the research they do (they will be given a folder to hold all of their genius ideas).

Scholars can build something, design something, make something, write something, collect something ... it’s all up to the student. Students will have 4 weeks to complete their Genius Project.


Resources, graphic organizers, and handouts were already provided for students.

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Weak Example:

What is 3D printing?

Strong Example:

What is 3D printing and how can schools and students benefit from using 3D printing?

Weak Example:

What is electricity?

Strong Example:

What is electricity, how is it measured, and what tools are available to measure electricity?