Donald Trump

And his Opinions on Everything

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Donald Trump fully supports the Republican and is running for the Republican Party Nomination. He just needs 500 more votes for the nomination. Most of the Republican Party is against Trump, and are searching for ways to stop him. Some of the people in the Republican party are trying as much as possible to stop him.
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His Views on National Security

Donald Trump thinks that we need to increase our military spending. I know a lot of people in the military and I have grown up around service veterans, and I do agree with him on this. But he also wants us to increase our Nuclear stockpile, which is 4,760 nuclear bombs. Even if they are 30 years old that still is enough to wipe out the entire human race.

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Health Care

Donald Trump wants to abolish Obama Care. And Create something different for the people, he wants it to for far less money and be fore the people. They want to make it more affordable, and accessible. So that everyone in America can have it. They also want to make it a choice so that it isn't required by insurance.

Donald Trumps Views on Education

Donald Trump has a huge belief in education and believes that everyone should have it. He wants to make it free, and if not free affordable. He wants to get rid of Common Core. And wants no government profit from student loans. He also wants to spend less per student. He also wants to let schools compete.

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Donald Trumps Views on Women's Rights.

Donald trump wants more women to be scientist and work jobs men would usually work. He wants gender equality. An example would be he wants to put women in the construction business, but not only have the be construction workers, but also mange many of the operations. He wants everyone to be equal(except same sex partners, apparently they cant get married.)

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Donald Trumps Views on Immagration

Donald Trump wants a ban on Muslims entering our country. He also wants to build a wall stoping illegal immigrants to getting into america. Cause i mean its not like a rope would help the, or a ladder, or maybe even a shovel. I mean c'mon seriously? It literally have to be Hundreds of feet tall and dug into the ground so deep you couldn't see the bottom.

No Citations Needed all From Past Knowledge.

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Donald Trump On the Economy, and Taxes

He wants to lower tax for the middle class. And wants to make a new tax code to "reduce the headaches ". He also wants to lower the national debt, and "Make America Great Again!". Also Grow the american economy.

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Climate Change...

Donald Trump believes climate change is not real, he thinks it is fake so that, the Chinese government can stay ahead of us in manufacturing. He does believe there is change though but nothing important, like when new york has water flowing through the streets in a couple years because the icecaps have melted, its because the Chinese want us to not make our own good right?

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Donald Trump on Gun Violience

He believes mass shooting are due to huge mental health problems. He also believes they save lives and prevent crime. He also wants enemies of the state away from guns. He believes that gun free zones are target practice for sickos, but I mean bringing a fully loading Glock into a school is completely fine right???(sarcasm) He also believes that guns make america safer.

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Donald Trump believes that women should be punished for abortion. And so should the doctors, I believe that there should be no abortion though. But he believes that they should be punished for it, isn't the knowledge that you just killed your child enough????

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Fun Facts.

Donald Trump has never had a political experience before this.

He has his own board game titled "Trump"

He also has his own alcohol brand, even though he has never touched alcohol in his life.

He also he blow dries his hair forward and then combs it back to get his "lushes locks looking perfect".