By: Sara Shepard

The second book in the Pretty Little Liars series

Name of book: Flawless

Author: Sara Shepard

Author of flyer: Bella Kay

Number of pages: 320

Lexile: 690

Genre: mystery


The character that has changed the most in this book is Mona. She has changed from a nerd to a popular girl, then from a popular girl to a crazy girl in a mental hospital. The first change happens because she becomes friends with Hanna and they turn them self to popular girls. The second change happens because she hates all of Hanna's friends and then starts to hate Hanna and she goes crazy.

A minor character in this book that had a major importance, is Kate, Hanna's dad's step daughter. She is importance because Hanna's dad likes Kate better than Hanna, so Hanna hates Kate. Kate and Hanna meet once in this book and Kate pretends to be nice and friends with Hanna, and then Kate tells her dad everything that Hanna told her and Hanna's dad starts to hate Hanna even more than before.

The ending of the book is a cliff hanger because this book is in a series. It is effective because the person the girls thought killed their friend, Alison, dies, and they can't figure out who killed Alison.

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