The Home of Demcracy

Leave the uneducated Spartans behind!

We have the best education in the world, so your child will be smarter than everyone else. Don't risk his life in the Spartan's predictors training camp. Remember "Knowledge is Power!"

Join the party!

Come and join our symposiums, drink, party, and have fun!

Spartan's are not the only fit people in war

We Athenians think that athletic health is as important as mental health, so we have many sports and train in case of a war.

Don't be in an Oligarchy, be in a Demcracy!

Leave those dumb Spartan kings behind and vote to change laws and regulations! Our government is one of a kind. Remember, we are the capital of Greece.

Women cannot vote

Live in the amazing and breathtaking views of Athens

Live in the shadow of the breathtaking Acropolis and the beautiful temples and buildings throughout the city. Or, you can stay in Sparta and have the beautiful view of dirty shacks and fighters.

Join Athens and recieve special attention from the gods

Did you know that the god, Poseidon, and the goddess Athena, fought over who would name Athens. Athena won after giving us the olive tree. Poseidon gave us a beautiful fountain.

Eat your favorite foods from Athens!

Come visit and eat bread, olives (and wine), figs, cheese, fish, and more!

Watch hilarious actors preform in the Agora

We are the only city-state to offer such a great deal of entertainment, such as theater, arts, and pottery.

The Agora is shown to the right

Strength in numbers

The Spartan's may train all their life for military, but we know how to fight too. Athens's phalanx is almost invincible and we have more than 40,000 more people than Sparta. Athens also has many more alliances than Sparta. There is no way Sparta can beat the amazing Athens!

Don't rely on the helots, rely on trade!

Although Athens does have a large agricultural area, we will always have a surplus of everything you could need.

Become a trader and become rich traveling on the beautiful Mediterranean!

Interesting facts

  • Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world!
  • Athens was home to to great thinks such as Socrates and Aristotle
  • Athens was surrounded by a part of land called the Attica
  • The first Olympic Games were held in Athens in 776 BC

Remember: The uneducated Spartans can't touch Athens!