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History of the Steamboat

In 1802 Robert Fulton contracted with Robert Livingstone to built a steamboat that would ply the Hudson River. By August 1807, Fulton's boat was ready for a trial run from New York city to Albany and back. In 1811, the first steamboat in the west sailed down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans. In 1815, Shreve Enterprise made the first upriver voyage on the Mississippi from New Orleans to Pittsburg. From then on, steamboats came to dominate the rivers.


They allowed faster travel of goods and passengers.


Explosions could happen due to too much pressure in a boiler. They were expensive to build in the 19th century.


Henry Ford, Robert Fulton, John Fitch, and James Watt

How it Impacted North Dakota

People come by boat and start building communities on the banks of the Red River along the steamboat's route. It was also easier for people to transport their goods.

Importance to settling the west

Why they settled in the west was because they wanted something to transport their goods and make it fast.
The Steamboat - History Key Assignment - February 2014