CC Week 7

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hello families!

Did you have a nice week off? It was great to have a break, and we are ready to jump back in with week 7. Remember to BRING YOUR TIN WHISTLES on Wednesday.

We will be doing lots of biology observation this quarter, starting with crayfish this week, owl pellets next week, nature walks, observing parts of flowers and plant and animal classification!

This Week:

Family Presentation: Fuessel Family

Clean Up: Smith Family & Stovall Kids

Ready to move on from blob mapping to a little more detail?

This is a fun way of thinking about the shapes of the continents:
Draw the World Map in minutes from memory

Foundations to Challenge

In Foundations this week, your children will begin the study of basic musical notation and apply it to play the tin whistle. They will encounter this study again in Challenge I as they take music theory for a semester and see the connections between music theory and math.

Check out this cool invertebrate:

Feather Starfish Swimming