Wellness Wednesday

Your Counselor - Ms. Mutter, & PBSES Coach - Ms. Kusunose

From Ms. Kusunose

Hello! We are in the final days of May. How quickly time flies! As we move into the last month of school, I wanted to share a bit about Digital Safety. I have had the opportunity to meet an amazing officer from the Seattle Police Department. Her name is Officer Kelly and she has been supporting me in learning more about digital safety.
Digital Safety Newcastle
For Student:

Here is a Brain Pop lesson on digital safety for primary. Try the quiz too!

Primary Digital Safety Lesson

Make a safety poster using a drawing program like

TuxPaint or use paper and supplies from your home.

Here is a Brain Pop lesson on cyberbullying for intermediate.

Intermediate Brain Pop Cyberbullying Lesson

For Student & Family:

For adults to do with children: Internet Safety with Disney

Role play a scenario to show an understanding of the concepts from the digital safety video links above to practice responses to strangers online OR online cyberbullying.

For Parents:

· The National Criminal Justice Reference Service

· Common Sense Media

· Wired Safety

· iSafe

· NetSmartz

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From Ms. Mutter

More time at home, and the switch to online learning, means more access to technology. The resources below can help you protect your kids, and balance screen time!

1) Apps That Inspire Kids to Play Outside:

· Apps designed for outdoor adventures let kids do everything from studying bugs to identifying constellations. Click here

2) Tips for Managing Screen Time:

· Create a Healthy “Play-Diet”: Play -Diet

· Ideas for screen time rules Click Here

· Managing screen dependency and creating a media plan Here.

· Examples of family media agreements on the Common Sense Media website: Family Media Agreement or HealthyChildren.org Customize Your Own Family Media Use Agreement.

· Media and Children Communication Toolkit (American Association of Pediatricians)

3) Example of Kids' Rules/Agreements for Online Safety Click Here

4) Navigate how to manage and monitor your child’s use of: YouTube (Common Sense Media)

5) Guidance around setting up parental controls for various websites and devices: Parental Controls (Common Sense Media)

6) Parent/Guardian Tips for Social Media Safety:

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** Note: If you have complications with accessing our available district food supports (or know someone who does), or if you are needing school supplies, please reach out to Ms. Mutter and she will assist in finding a solution that best meets your needs**