Inherited and Acquired Traits

by Mrs. Thomas

What's the Difference?

Inherited traits are things you are born with - you got those traits from parents, or maybe even grandparents!

Acquired traits are things that you learn to do or happen to you during your lifetime. You can't pass these on!

Inherited Traits


I have to wear glasses because I can't see very far away. Both my parents also wear glasses for the same thing.

Tongue Rolling

I can roll my tongue, but my husband can't. 2 of our 3 children also can roll their tongues

Flat Feet

I have really flat feet - like no arch at all! My dad and my daughter also have flat feet.

Acquired Traits


I love to do different types of crafts - some drawing and painting, some sewing and needlework, some just "making stuff". My dad does some needlework, but neither parent is particularly crafty. I've had to learn how to do all these different things.


IF I actually had the time to work out once in a while, I might actually get some muscles! But even if I did have muscles, my kids wouldn't be body-building babies...

Hair Color

Yes, I dye my hair, but it's pretty close to my natural color. (I'm just not ready to have all my gray showing... I'm not old enough!!!) But if I chose to go crazy and dye my hair blue, that would not be passed on to my children, and I certainly didn't inherit it from my parents!