The Marie Murphy Update

30 April 2021 Edition

Extra Curricular Activities Up and Running!

For the first time in over a year, extra-curricular activities have begun both remotely and onsite at MM. Students have been running in Cross Country, rehearsing for the Spring Play, learning to communicate via ASL Club, making a difference in Roots & Shoots, and finding their musical-creative side in History Remix! Thank you to the teachers and the students for their time and effort in starting up these endeavors!

Livin on the Nile

May Maroon & Gold Schedule

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Parking Lot Patience Payoff!


The increased parking lot congestion and frustrations that arose with the move to a MOD schedule have decreased over the past weeks. Is the parking lot still very crowded? Yes. Is the parking lot still slow to navigate through? Yes. Is the parking lot difficult to exit making a left on to Illinois Road? Yes.

However, the time needed to empty the lot after school is decreasing, the movement of kids from the exits to their parents' cars is safer, and the near-death experiences for parking lot supervisors are nearly non-existent! Thank you to our parents for helping improve the system!

These improvements were made possible by...

Entering the Lot

  • When turning into the parking lot, please use your turn signal. This helps cars exiting the lot know what direction you are heading.
  • Please keep a lookout for students on the Illinois Road sidewalk who biking and walking. Walkers, bikers, and cars are converting at the entrance to the lot, so please be careful. As the weather gets nicer, more kids will walk or bike to school.

Exiting the Lot
  • When exiting the lot, please consider making a right-hand turn on to Illinois Road. With so many cars turning into the lot, the visibility needed to exit safely to the left is difficult. Plus, by making a right, you avoid the Illinois-Hibbard intersection congestion too!
  • Just like above, walkers and bikers wanting to head west on the Illinois Road sidewalk converge on the exit of the parking lot. Please be aware of them.

Graduation Is Coming...

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Upcoming FAN Events

New Trier High School and the Family Action Network (FAN) present numerous outstanding presenters and topics throughout the year. Check out their next upcoming events below to see if there is something of interest to you or your family.