What to Expect When Having a Baby!

By Erriel , 5th Hour , 9/12/13

First Trimester

During the first Trimester your baby organs will start to develope and function. During your first trimester your baby should be 3 inches long. During this trimester your baby's fingertips, organs, and vains are visible but the skin is still very thin.

You may start to feel morning sickness during this trimester. You don't really feel like eating because you have so much morning sickness. More towards the end of this trimester you can start to feel the fondus on the lower adomen.

Second Trimester

During this trimester your baby should way about 2 pounds and about 14 inches long. Your babies kidney, liver, will start to work and their arms and legs will grow. Your baby ears and hearing are devolping and they can start to hear loud noises from the outside of the uteris.

Your belly should be big this Trimester; it's very clear that you are pregnant to others. During this trimester your feet will start to swell and you may encounter some neck or back pain. You might start to feel some contractons or stomache pain.

Third Trimester

Congradualtions it's your last trimester and just a few more weeks and your baby will be here. You will start to feel contractions more twards your due date, that just means your baby is almost on his/her way. If you do not have your baby by the 41st week you will be induced the 42nd week or sooner. If your baby is born more than 5 weeks early it's organs may not be finished developing.

Your baby should way about 8 pounds by the end of this trimester.

Your babies eyesight will still be devolping throughout this trimester. Your baby should be facing head down and if it's not you will have a c- section. All or most of your babies vital organs should be developed during your last trimester.

Advice For The Expecting Father

Congradulations your about to become a proud father. It sometimes is hard watching you partner go through all that pain. You can help her in many ways by giving her encouraging words, give her what ever she need, and try to prevent her from getting stressed out. Make sure you have the babies room together a couple months or weeks before the due date, incase the baby comes early. If you have any questions about the health of your baby or your partner to be afraid to ask the doctor.