The Sacred Scriptures

By Katherine Shen, Block E

Every Sunday at the St. Didacus Church

  • right after 10:00 AM Mass
  • bring your own Bible

Learn About the History and Structure!!

A Lot to Learn! Join Now!!!

  • Two parts of the Bible: The New Testament (before Jesus was born) and The Old Testament (after Jesus was born)
  • Learn about the prophets (people who speak God's word) and their stories
  • A huge part of the Bible is the history of Christians and our God. The Israelites and their story from about 1250 BC to 100 BC will amaze you.
  • The stories of the Bible were passed down century after century until people started to collect the information. It took hundreds and hundreds of years to get the Bible we have today, especially with the thousand something pages to translate!

Think Twice! You May Believe the Following!

  1. All of the Bible is literally true.
  2. God told the writers of the Bible what to write
  3. The Bible answers all.
  4. etc.
If you believe any of these, than you are misinformed. Sign up for the Bible Club today and learn the truth!

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