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Getting into the groove

I hope you all are enjoying your three day weekend. You all have deserved this time to rejuvenate before we hit week 3. In two weeks we have accomplished much that will assist us on our journey this year. Let's be reminded that we are "Going for Gold" in all aspects of our campus.

Thank you to all of you who attended our district training this past week. All of our 2nd -5th grade math teachers were in attendance for the Target Board training. Thank you for all of the participation and rich conversation that is taking place in planning. I sat in on Math/Science planning this week and I am looking forward to hearing the formal assessment results from this week's math instruction.

Our Big Kahuna fundraiser kicked off on Friday. I will begin announcing individual prize winners on Tuesday morning. The fundraiser ends on September 16th. Please encourage your students to participate. All of our proceeds benefits activities we get to do for you and your students. Remember, you could also win a $100 Visa gift card for 100% class participation.

Friday was a busy day, we had Flap Jack Friday for 100% staff attendance (yay!) and our PBIS rally. Let's keep up the good work of reminding students of our campus expectations and rewarding good behavior with Colt Cash. While we didn't meet our 100% staff attendance goal this week, let's make a conscious effort to be at CE each day. While we understand things happen, our students miss out on instruction when we aren't there and we certainly miss seeing you, as well.

This week we continue our beginning of the year DRA assessments for students. We also have Istation assessments for students that will begin on Tuesday. Reading teachers, please don't forget your Istation assessment times, based on the Istation schedule. Enjoy the remaining time off. See you all on Tuesday.

Mrs. Young

Weekly CE Student Attendance Rate -97%

Our goal is to have 98% attendance each day. To achieve this no more than 14 students can be absent each day. Please make sure you are calling and touching base with our absent students who are absent 3 days in a row. Please be sure to reference our attendance bulletin board each week to see which grade level had the highest attendance for the week prior. I will also announce it on the morning announcements on Mondays. The grade level with the highest attendance for the nine weeks gets an "Attendance Champs" banner placed on their hallway and bragging rights. Will it be your grade level team?

PLC This Week

I station assessment / T-Tess Teacher Standards and Goal Setting

  • Items needed: PLC Roles (completed) and T-Tess folder from training


This past week Ms. Gonzalez and I conducted informal walk-throughs on TTESS Domain 3 - Learning Environment. We observed that CHAMPS posters were displayed (in every classroom that we visited) and being used in classrooms and that our students were participating with each other in the classroom. We observed small group, individual, and whole group instruction during our walk throughs.

Below are a few observations and considerations for instruction, as a result of our walk throughs.

1) Dimension 3.1 (Classroom Environment and Routines) ~ 60% Developing and 40% Proficient Rating

Ensure that procedures in class are clear and concise. Consider the following when planning instruction:

  • How do students transition from whole group to small group or vice versa?
  • Is there a daily schedule for students to follow? Do students have jobs in your classroom?
  • If students are participating in groups, are there group roles and responsibilities for each group member?
  • Is the classroom space conducive for students meeting the learning objective or is it cluttered with books, papers, lack of space, etc.?

2) Dimension 3.2 (Managing Student Behavior) ~40% Developing and 60% Proficient Rating

Established campus and classroom behavioral expectations. Consider the following when planning instruction:

  • Do most of your students meet your behavior standards? What happens when students don't meet behavior expectations?
  • Is CHAMPS posted and used consistently within the classroom? Make sure that what is displayed for CHAMPS matches what students are doing in your classroom.
  • Is off task behavior being addressed swiftly?

3) Dimension 3.3 (Classroom Culture) ~ 20% Developing, 60% Proficient, and 20% Accomplished Rating

Consider the following when planning instruction:

  • How do you ensure authentic engagement?
  • How do you promote respect in your classroom?
  • Are students working collaboratively with the teacher and with each other?
  • 5th grade: Are AVID strategies/celebrations being used appropriately?

Upcoming : First Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 6th, 4pm

10210 C E King Parkway

Houston, TX

The meeting will be held in the MPR.

Carroll Elementary Live Binder

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We have a new mission!

Thank you all for participating in our new campus mission statement contest and voting on the new campus mission.

Our new mission is.....

At Carroll Elementary we strive to build relationships with our students, to create lifelong learners who believe they can achieve anything, and are college and career ready. Carroll Elementary provides a fun and safe environment that positively impacts our entire community.