George Hurrell

Humphrey Bogart

About Humphrey Bogart

George Hurrell's photos of Humphrey Bogart emphasize the actor's brooding image. This photo was taken after Hurrell moved to Warner Bros. and was taking photos of up and coming actors to help create their personal image. This photo is iconic because it captures the silent movie and black and white era. This photo was taken at Warner Bros. Hurrell did a series actors and actresses that helped build their career. All of Hurrell's photos are timeless and classic.


I really like this portrait of Humphrey Bogart and all his photos. I like the black and white era of all the photos. It is very impressive that he created the 'Hollywood Portrait'. I think what makes this photo unique is how classic it is, the portrait is timeless. I wouldn't change anything about this photo. He captured the brooding attitude that Humphrey Bogart wanted captured.