Owl Notes

May 24


*2.5 days....let's do this!!!

*It's a 3 day weekend and 2.5 work day (with students)! We've got this!!!


* GOALS IN EDUPHORIA - Please take a few minutes this week to finalize your documentation and close out all goals that you still have active in Eduphoria. This will be on your final check out with me. Here are directions:

1. Log into Eduphoria

2. Go to Strive and click on the Goals tab

3. Add any final, additional information to support how you did with your goals.

4. Once you have done that, save.

5. After you have saved, click the COMPLETE button at the top. Kara and I will then be able to archive the goals.

IF it is something that you want to copy for next school year, you can click the copy button and keep it there for next school year. Otherwise, we will write goals our first day back as a staff.


***TUESDAY - Fourth grade will have specials from 8:0 0 - 9:00 a.m. Graduation will be at 9:00 - 10:00. Then we will resume with the regular day.

***WEDNESDAY - Fourth grade will not have specials. Graduation will start at 9 and we hope to have confetti parade at 10:00. Please listen for the announcements.

***THURSDAY - We will not have specials that day. Specials teachers will be assigned to a grade level to assist with anything needed. Lunch and recess schedule will be coming.

* TECHNOLOGY WORK ORDERS - If you have any technology work orders that needs to be put in the system, or issues you are having with computers (broken, not working, etc), let Jeanie know so that we can get them addressed over the summer.
*EXCESS STUFF - As you are cleaning our your room, please hold your "stuff" that you no longer want until the students are gone. We will set up a table on the stage after fourth graduation for you to put it on. Then others can take it from there. Please don't put it in the lounge as we already have limited space in there.

* KINDER GRADUATION - Kinder graduation is Tuesday. It will be a busy morning and crowded Please help us by keeping traffic down in the hallways as much as possible.

* FOURTH GRADE GRADUATION - Will be on Wednesday. Promoting the largest class that we've had in my history, we will be PACKED!

* END OF YEAR CHECKLIST - Will be placed in your mailbox by Wednesday morning. Kara and I will NOT sign off an any until Friday. An announcement will be made when we start as we need to ensure that report card envelopes and cum folders are stuff and appropriately placed.

* SUMMER STAFF DEVELOPMENT - Take advantage of the many, many opportunities our district offers for staff development this summer. Focuses next year will be Tier 1 best practices that go along with HRS Level 2, Guided math and continuing with Units of Study in reading. We will also be looking at ways we can better integrate technology into the classroom.

*BUILDING OPEN - The building will be open June 1 for anyone who needs or wants to come work in their classrooms.

* OUTDOOR CLASSROOM - I have had several folks offer to help with a committee for the outdoor classroom. If you are interested and haven't emailed me, please do so soon.

* RECESS - We need to be diligently monitoring recess from now till the end of the year. We are already seeing an increase in physical behaviors where students are getting hurt by each other. Make sure you have at least 4 teachers outside and that you each take a duty station to monitor.

* GUIDED READING LIBRARY - As you are returning your books to the guided reading library, please ensure that you have the full set and that you replace them in the box where they belong. We spend too much time over the summers sorting and straightening. Help us by doing your part.


Got any ideas for next year - add them at the link below as we start the planning process...You can add your name or choose to be anonymous...



Remember that you are invited to be a part of the end of the year social. It will be held on Thursday, May 30 starting at 3:35 p.m. That is early dismissal so you will be able to get everything completed and then join the fun!


If you have not given your class names to Jeanie, please do so by Monday afternoon so that she can get your certificates printed. Stickers for this year will be:

*A Honor Roll

*A/B Honor Roll

*Perfect Attendance all year

*Most Improved

*Principal's Award

*Citizenship - got their 10 caught being good slips - is a gold star this year

All of the stickers are in a box behind Deanna's desk. Please take ONLY the exact number that you need. Each one is a circle with the name on it EXCEPT STAR student and it is the gold star.


*FELIX AND KELLY - for organizing a great fun day.

*DUSTI, STEPHANIE, MARIA, LAVERNE, RACHEL - for helping with Fun Day!

* KARA, ELSY, AND DIANA - for being LPAC all day on Thursday.

* JEANIE - for getting all the certificates printed and ready to go.



*integration of technology

*implementation of guided math 3x a week

*improving Tier 1 best practices

Upcoming Dates


26 - Erin Ryan's birthday

27 - Memorial Day Holiday/Jeanie Wyatt's birthday

28 - Kinder Graduation/ORHS graduation

29 - Fourth grade graduation

30 - Last day of school/early dismissal

30 - Staff social after school

31 - Staff workday


1 - Building Open

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