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Covid information - one stop shop!

Put your whole confidence in God - Catherine McAuley

Dear whānau,

This newsletter is for information only, and has been put together in response to the number of questions around isolation and 'returning to school' protocols.

Thank you to all the parents that we spoke to over the weekend, you are all doing the right thing. You know we want to keep school open and so we are continuing to stagger playtimes, staff are not getting together at break times and even our staff meetings are on zoom.

This weekend we were alerted to two cases of covid in the school. The situations were very different to one another and so the response matched the identified level of risk. As the number of cases rise the way we communicate will probably have to change too.

If you have concerns around covid for your child please contact me, or your child's teacher, so that we can make the appropriate contact if the need arises. Rest assured, if we have concerns about the risks to any of our children and staff you will be contacted. If you are not contacted then it means the risk is either very low or none existent.

We ask that if your child is sick then please do not send them into school, and contact us to let us know why your child(ren) is away. Thank you for looking out for each other and the school staff.

God bless, Annie

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A reminder...

If you home test and it is positive please record the result on your COVID app, this ensures that if you need it, support can be arranged.

If you do need support and you don't know where to turn then please contact us at the school and we can help.

Upcoming events... will be coming back to the newsletter next week!