Life through multiple peoples eyes.

To be defined by the view of others.


I'm a person who always tends to smile through out every emotion I feel. I'm the type to make friends fast, with my outgoing and humorous personality. I rarely don't get along with people unless its the people I live with. When I'm mad, I always try to suck it up unless, I cant control it. At home i usually sit in silence because I rather sit alone all day listening to music then arguing. I have a deep passion for art and drawing I'm still working on drawing people realistically because that's not my best skill. I'm a home body because I never want to go outside, especially during summer. I hate the outdoors because of the stench it gives. How ever, I love playing tennis! I play singles, I prefer it over doubles because I don't like to rely on other people. I love being around my friends. I have extremely strict parents. I usually have a hard time of being genuinely happy. As most teenagers I feel music is my escape. When I'm feeling super low, I always try to distract myself rather then fix myself. I say "what?" as a habit even when I know what people say the first time. So many people label me their best friend but the one person I label my best friend doesn't label me hers. Funny how things work. However, I have many super close friends that I'm grateful for. I notice the little things. Ill always treat my significant other with love and respect and I always expect them to do the same.I have a problem with feeling remorse I usually never have pity towards anyone I don't get along with even if they're in the worst situation. I'm extremely random my mind is always everywhere. There's a lot more to me then most people know or ever will know.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Viola is a servant to Orsino who he believes is a man. In the play, Viola is shipwrecked on an island where she had no way of supporting herself. Until she hatched a plan with the Sea Captain who rescued her. The plan ended up disguising Viola into being a guy named Cesario so she could work for Duke Orsino as a servant. She ends up being his Messenger, and delivers all of Orsino’s messages to his love Olivia. Viola is secretly in love with the duke but cannot go forward with her feelings because she appears as a man to him. So instead she has to suck it up and hook up the person she loves with the person he loves. Viola finds herself in a love triangle. She falls in love with Duke Orsino whose crazy about Lady Olivia who coincidently loves Cesario. (Viola disguised as a man). Viola stated in the text, “Madam, I’ve come here to try to make you like him” (III.I. 89-100). Pg.6. The quote shows Viola telling Olivia that she’s basically not interested and that she’s only there to hook the Duke up with Olivia.


I am a female and I love being one over all. But, Sometimes its just difficult being a female when some guys think they are the dominant sex. Some automatically think girls are weak and pushovers and could never do the same things the guys do. Yet, in reality not all things are only certain genders good at like football! Girls could be good at football too. Another negative is, some females stay friend zoning good guys then complain about being treated like garbage by the bad ones they had chosen. But, same with boys they usually go for the prettiest one not the one with the biggest heart. I Also, hate when boys say girls are the biggest complainers and a pain in the butt. Yet, boys complain just as much and can be as much of a pain in the rear end. I don't like how there is many stereotypes guys always play with girls emotions, to be honest girls play with guys emotions just as much. So many people think all genders are different but besides physical traits on the body is there really any difference?

Viola is a female that is looked at as a man. She is basically living the best of both worlds. She truly is a woman but has to act as a man. She has to pull her hair back and try to fool everyone into thinking she is a male. Although, her feminine features catch people’s eyes still. Viola experiences her gender in a different way instead of flaunting her girlish ways she has to hide her true gender so she can be socially accepted as one of Duke Orsino’s servants. The way she disguises herself limits her chances of being with the duke because he sees her as a man and he’s into women.

The perception of others.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin all characteristics categorized to belong to a white girl. When people first meet me they almost automatically assume I'm white or part white. When in reality I'm a hundred percent Mexican from Cienega De Flores, Nuevo Leon. I know sometimes people think I'm harsh when I'm just blunt with my words. People think I'm spoiled because of the way I look and dress but I'm not. How can I be spoiled by my parents with so many siblings and not so much money to waste on useless wants. I get told a lot that I'm trustworthy, which is actually true because I believe people deserve to have their business confidential If that's how they want it to be. Someone told me that I'm always in a good mood when in reality I just smile a lot whether in a bad mood or not they also told me I'm always nice, but its just the respect that I give to others. Some people told me that I looked like I would be stuck up but then they realize I'm not when they took the time to get to know me. I agree that sometimes looks are deceiving to others but sometimes we have to get past our first perspective on people and actually take the time to get to know them.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Viola as a man with very feminine features. They see her as a person with a pretty high pitched voice. "I’ll be sworn thou art; Thy tongue, thy face, thy limbs, actions, and spirit, Do give thee fivefold blazon. Not too fast! Soft, soft! Unless the master were the man. How now? Even so quickly may one catch the plague? Me thinks I feel this youth’s perfections". (I.V.265-270). Pg.14. This quote represents Olivia’s view on Viola and how she views her as perfection. She believes Violas way of talking, her body, her face, the way she acts, and her sensitive soul all prove that she’s a gentleman. So, Viola is seen as humble.

Similarites And Diffrences

A similarity between Viola and myself is she is not what she seems and neither am I. Most people mistake me for a white stuck-up girl but on the contraire I’m really chill and I’m 100% Mexican. While people see Viola as a guy, she is really a full on girl. So in comparison, we are both not what we seem.

A difference is Viola is selfless and chooses to make her love Duke Orsino happy rather than herself by setting him up with Lady Olivia who he has a deep passion for. While on the other hand, I would just give up on the duke and find someone new who made me happy.

- Monique Quiroga