Weekly Newsletter / February 5, 2016

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our Mid-Atlantic Weekly Newsletter!!! As mentioned last week, we will be utilizing this new platform to streamline and standardize our divisional communication. This is a great resource and a really simple way to ensure that you have all of the information and tools to be as effective as possible.

Please make sure you take the time to read and review all of the content as it is very valuable. We did want to make you aware, that right now the Newsletter is in its infancy stages, in the future we plan to attach Point of Sale, and give you New Item Launch Packets when New Items are set up, And as always, we are open to suggestions; this is a continued work in progress.

We hope you enjoy the simple format and the valuable content.


Candyce, Bill, Dennis, Jon and Lyndsey.

Discontinued Blow Out Items- Need to Clean up the Slots.

As a team, we have decided to Discontinue the following items (**these are items, that have been reviewed an approved by the CDS team) due to lack of movement. However, we still have cases in the slots and need your help moving through this inventory allowing us to empty out the slot. We have added Hot Pricing to these items to help them move.

*Please note you will be directed to the document by clicking on the Green bar Below.

New Items in STOCK!!!

These new items have been brought in to stock at Aberdeen within the last few weeks. If you are interested in selling these products please make sure to submit usage so we do not short customers.

Please note in the future we will publish POS and New Item Launch Packets for each of our new stocked items.

Did You Know? Active Stock & Controlled Items

Are you are looking for a list of our active stock items? LOOK NO FURTHER!

There is a document uploaded on the Mid-Atlantic site. This spreadsheet breaks down Active Stock Items as well as Controlled items for your use.

Use this document as a reference while with a customer, or building an order guide. We update this spreadsheet bi-weekly to ensure you have current information.

To locate, click on the green button below "Mid-Atlantic Sales and Marketing Site-Marketing."

You can also follow theses steps to access the document:

1. Visit the Mid-Atlantic Sales and Marketing Site

2. Select "Marketing Information" located under the Marketing navigation

3. Locate and click on the document "Active Stock & Controlled Items Sales"

Long Inventory Blowout

We are a bit long on inventory on these items. We are offering hot pricing on "long" cases to help stabilize inventory and avoid the dreaded and very expensive liquidation. Please note these items are not being discontinued.

The images and descriptions below review these items that we are long on.

Lets work together to ensure that we do not liquidate.

Have You Reviewed Discontinuation Recommendations?

DS Recommendations-Need Your Approval: Click Here

We have a list of items we are asking you to review this week (Dennis sends out an email on a weekly basis). This is a reminder to review these items and ensure that you are not working with a customer or have a customer buying any of these items.