Aztec Culture

History Of The Aztecs

Aztec Food

To begin with the Aztecs loved spicy food and they liked to eat a lot of beans and vegetables but not a lot of meat. Also they liked to eat all kinds of food wrapped in tortillas. First they made tortillas by grounding corn on a rock to make their flour. Second they added water to make it into dough. Then the the dough was made into tortillas which were cooked.

The Aztecs liked to drink chocolate. The Aztecs thought that the god Quetzalcoatl brought the cocoa beans from the tree of life and man. The Aztecs drank a chocolate drink and added chilies to make it spicy. They also had cocoa beans as their money. Also they used cocoa beans to make chocolate. One bean could only buy a large tomato but thirty beans could by a small rabbit.

Aztecs ate vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, leeks, watercress, and artichokes. The people of the Aztec empire ate chilies, tomatoes, limes, cashews, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peanuts, and chocolate. In addition, the Mexicans domesticated bees for honey, and turkey meat and also eggs, and dogs and duck meat. They hunted fish and got food from animals such as deer, rabbits, iguana, fish and shrimp. Also, they ate insects such as grasshoppers and worms they harvested. These types of meat made up a very little part of the Aztec food that they ate.

Aztec Clothing/ Clothing today

Aztec clothing fit loosely and did not cover the whole body. Different from the Aztecs clothing now today is loose or tight and covers almost our whole body depending on the weather. Aztec clothing was made out of cotton that was imported or Ayate fiber from a cactus. However, today's clothing is made out of cotton and maybe ayate fiber.

Women and young teenagers would weave the clothing and the Aztecs would trade for dye to make the clothing colorful. On the other hand, some people weave their own clothes today but most of them are made other places that ship them to our stores. today people usually buy colorful clothing from stores.

Aztec slaves and common people wore clothes that covered very little of their body. But todays clothing covers all are bodies accept when it is really hot but it still clover most or are bodies. The Aztecs had symbols on their clothing or headdress to show what tribe that they were in. On the other hand, today's clothing has some symbols and we don't really wear headdresses anymore. Gold would be really heavy to wear for clothing but our cloths sometimes have fur, feathers and other decoration.

Aztecs wore jewelry such necklaces, earrings, and bracelets were worn in the upper classes.
Although, people today wear jewelry its not just the upper class. The military wore their own costumes to tell what group there in. Same as the Aztecs the military still wears clothing off of what group they're in.
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Aztec Religon

Religion was the reason there were so many sacrifices. The Aztecs sacrificed people and gave their heart the the gods. It was a great honor to be sacrificed to the gods.

The sun god Huitzilopochtli needed human blood to live. The Aztecs sacrificed people so Huitzilopochtli could live. Not only were the people who were sacrificed prisoner, but they were also volunteers who volunteered to be sacrificed. Also it was a great honor to be sacrificed to the gods because it means that you will join the sun gods. Of course, not everyone wanted to meet the sun gods.

A common sacrifice was sacrificing animals such as dogs, eagles, deer, and jaguars. Objects were also sacrificed by breaking them and offering the parts to the gods.

Warriors that were captured in battle were usually the ones to be sacrificed. Yet, there is a theory that the aztecs didn't kill the spanish army because they wanted more people to sacrifice for their gods. Also the aztecs used to think Spanish were gods. Slaves that had been sold three times to a different owner each time were chosen to be sacrificed because the aztecs said they had run their course. Some individuals were chosen to be sacrificed and are called Ixiptla, which was the same word for wooden, stone dough images of aztec gods.

Aztec Chocolate Drink

Chocolate drink:

First, the Aztecs got cocoa beans from the god Quetzalcoatl who came from heaven Then, on a beam of morning she came carrying a cocoa bean tree. Then in return, the aztecs gave cocoa beans to their gods and used the chocolate drink that they called cacahuatl and a ceremonial drink. Next, the Aztecs used roasted cocoa beans to make the chocolate and ancient sugar. After, the Aztecs would put vanilla and maybe chillies.

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Aztec Tortillas

Aztec Tortillas:

Aztecs made tortillas from corn and water. First, they grow the corn. Then after it grows and the harvest the corn for the tortillas. Next, they grind the corn on a rock to make the flour. After they add the water to the flour to make the dough. Lastly, the Aztecs flattened in into little circles and cooked the dough to make tortillas.

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Problem/ Solution

Dear Arawata,

I am a tenochtitlan girl and 11 calendar years. my familys farm is not growing because of the drought. My problem is me and my family are really hungry and my little brother cries for food. My question is how will i get food.


Hungry and Scared, Tenochtitlan

Dear hungry and scared,

my advice for you is to go look for more edible wild plants. out side of your farm try looking for greenbrier it is a common plant. Also you could look for goldenrod it is a sweet tasting one, or you could try to find milkweed another common plant. and the last one i am offering is red clover. Any of these and make a nice stew or another meal you want to try with it. So my answer is to go and look for the food.



Problem/ Soultion

Dear Arawata,

i am afraid because i am supposed to be sacrificed in a few days. My problem is every night i have nightmares of being sacrificed my question is what should i do.


sacred sacrifice

Dear scared sacrifice,

you are forgetting that it is an honor to be sacrificed to the gods. a lot of people will be sacrificed at some point for the gods. And you family will be happy because you were a gift to the gods. My answer is to just remember that and you will be fine.