Parenting Around The World

Shyheim Woods & Nikayla Anderson

Common rules around the world.

In the U.S. the basic rules parents have is that kids do their chores and obey what the parents say. In other countries, such as Africa, a parent may expect his/her child to hunt a animal and go and get household needs from the wild.

Parenting Styles


Ask a conscientious American mom about her baby's nap routine and she's probably going to mention the standard safety measures: laying junior on his back, keeping stray stuffed animals and blankets out of the crib so he doesn't sufficate.


Ask nordic women the same question and they'll say somehing like "stick 'em outside" and then go back to being insanely beautiful.


In America, parents nuture and keep their babies safe environments at two weeks old. Otherwise in Finland, they recomend putting babies in the cold at two weeks old.


Expectations of Parents.

Parents in the U.S. expect their kids to listen to them, behave properly, and do good in school. They also expect their children to respect thier elders.

In Asia, parents expects their kids to excel in school. They stress the importance of school more than the U.S.

How parenting is used

In the U.S. parenting is used to raise thier child to a certain extent and then expect the to take care of themselves.

In China the parents will do everything they can for their children instead of encouraging them to develop independence.

Americans will let children play by themselves, while Chinese parents feel someone should hold the child or be with the child at all times.

8 similarities

  1. They love their children
  2. They want their child to be successful
  3. They want their child to obey them
  4. They want their child to love their siblings
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