Dork Diaries

Written by : Rachel Ray Ranee Presented by : Mackenzie Grun

This story is 1st person veiw

This story is about a girl, who has a hard time in school, and gets bullied and picked on by the popular girl of the school, MacKenzie.

My Summary.

In this book Dork Diaries Tales-from-a-not-so-glam-tv-star, some wonderful things happen to Nikki that have never happened to her before! She becomes popular and famous. Even better than MacKenzie!!!!! Nikki becomes famous from the music contest she entered and won. Nikki got her own tv show, and got a hit on the radio. She went too Swanky Hills Ski Resort, with her band, and they got to do a meet and greet with their fans, but all of the cd’s went missing, and she was so upset! She then, right at the last minute she told her fans that she was giving out kisses and hugs for $3 and $5, and you’ll never guess who came to her line!!!! Sorry can’t say!! It would be a spoiler alert!!!!!