Image Searching & Copyright: Day 5

Why You Should Care and What You Should Do About It

Other Image Resources

There are plenty of other resources out there on the web to help teachers with image searching and copyright. Here are some helpful links if you want to know more about this topic:

1. Finding Public Domain Images for Multimedia Projects. This looks especially useful for history classes.

2. EducationWorld: Sites to See: Free Photos on the Web

3. Pics4Learning: Free photos for education.

4. Copyright Free Images for Education.

Copyright Free Music Resources

Like images, music also falls under copyright laws. However, that doesn't mean you can't add music to your PowerPoint or your podcast. Here are a few free music resources for teachers:

1. Royalty Free Music. This site charges the general public to download their music, but they offer it for free to educators. Make sure you complete an application to their Free Music Program to get the free educator account.

2. Soundzabound. Royalty free music for K-12 education.

3. Jamendo. Royalty free music downloads. These songs are under Creative Commons licenses. (Some music is labeled "Explicit," so monitor what your students are downloading from this site.)

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