culture of greece



Pericles strengthen the democracy by making the city pay for the officials.This meant that poor people can afford to hold the public office.He strengthen democracy by becoming at democrative leader.

gods and goddess


Greek gods are what the people of Greece thought who ruled the entire universe.their are gods and goddess in the god family. everywhere in Greece the people built temples to honor their gods and goddess.they honor the gods by sacrificing animal and having festivals for them. Athena is the god of the city-state Athens she has her own temple named the Parthenon this temple was built to honor the goddess Athena.


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temples and scuptures

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The Parthenon was created to honor the goddess Athena the Parthenon was built in Athens a city named after the goddess Athena it was built in 480 b.c it was built to make Athens a beautiful city.Also it was built to honor Athena.

Greek arts and dramatics

They used arts and dramatics in their live by making sculpture for the gods and goddess.

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