Spartans Support Jimmy Fund

Spartan Beast 2013 Vermont: Mount Killington

Cancer causes death and suffering to millions of victims and their families each year. I am a 17 year old boy who believes that it is important to fight cancer which can rob people of their opportunity to live a full and happy life.  This is especially important for children who suffer from cancer and who should have a chance to have fun and get out of chemotherapy. I support people with cancer and I want to make everyone cancer aware. I hope that people are caring and willing to donate to the Jimmy Fund and support me during the Spartan Beast Race I will be participating in September 21st. Even though I don't have cancer I will be running on behalf of children who do. All I am asking for is two dollars per mile... It is a 12 to 14 mile race, but any donations are fine... more or less, if you donate, it shows that you care. Please write out a check to The Jimmy Fund and either leave in the care of Henry Market, or Dr. Tobin, at Beverly Podiatry. Thanks for your support! If you are curious about Spartan Races, please check out   Thanks again, Brendan Tobin
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