School of witchcraft and wizardry

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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! For the first time in our school's history, we have decided to include this brochure with your acceptance letter and school supply list. We hope this will help you get to know Hogwarts better as you prepare to start in the Fall!

-Professor Albus Dumbledore


Classes at Hogwarts

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Charms with professor Flitwick

This lessons will allow the students to actually use the charms they are being taught. The Levitation Charm, Cheering Charms, Summoning Charms, Banishing Charms, Silencing Charms, and Drought Charms are just a few of the charms taught to students throughout this course. They have also taught to use charms to make a pineapple dance across the desk and how to create teacups with legs. Professor Flitwick : these students will learn to be safe and have fun
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Defense against the dark arts with professor snape

Defence Against the Dark Arts (sometimes written as DADA) is a core class and subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In this class students learn how to magically defend themselves against Dark Creatures, the Dark Arts, and other dark charms. Offensive magic is also taught in this class, such as how to duel, which requires the use of both offensive and defensive magic. Professor Snape : the students will learn how defend themselves

Testimonies from Students and Staff at Hogwarts

Places around Hogwarts

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The Quidditch pitch

Throughout the school year, students will come to the the Quidditch pitch to watch their house team play Quidditch and maybe watch their house team win.
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The great hall

Throughout the school year, student will come to the great hall to dine with the other houses and come to hear announcements.