Duisburg Massacre/ San Luca Feud

By: Colin Echols

Background of the crime.

  • The feud resumed after a killing on January 5, 2005.

  • Six men belonging to the Pelle-Romeo clan were shot dead in their cars in front of a pizzeria near the train station of Duisburgin western Germany.

Investigators of the crime

The investigators of the crime are to be unknown. All that is know is the German police oversaw the instigation

Time period

  • For the forensic side there was faster Fingerprint identification, and also there was faster DNA analysis. There is a faster footprint identification system. (Britain's Forensic Science Service develops online footwear coding and detection system. This helps police to identify footwear marks quickly.)\
  • There is also identification after cleaning system, and last was facial sketches matched to photos.

The Suspects

  • Giovanni Strangio was one of the 2 gun men that killed 6 men of a rival clan with more than 70 shots to the bodies. He was wanted world wide, and was on Italy's most wanted list. This killing kept the feud alive, and it has been alive since 1991.
  • Francesco Romeo was also another member of the clan and was the brother in law to Giovani.

Forensic evidence used.

  • fingerprint
  • Ballistics
  • Past evidence
  • Clans admitting


  • Giovanni was aressted on murder charges along with his brother in law.
  • Italy is still on alert for the clan to take revenge for there family's death