September 2020

Longfellow Elementary

A Note from Mrs. Heckenlaible....

It's been a sensational start to the 2020-2021 school year. It's so exciting to have our LO Lions back in the classroom and I can't express the amount of happiness it brought me to see my learners back in school! Our teachers have worked diligently, and continue to work, to make this new normal the best educational experience possible. The Longfellow Elementary staff have been on quite the journey these last five months, consisting of a full summer of trainings to prepare for the new school year. I am so proud of each one of them for ‘rafting through these unchartered waters.’ Our staff had all hands on deck and everyone helped pitched in to ensure that we could safely bring our learners back to the classrooms.

From all the various disinfecting techniques and extremely well cleaned building to the plexiglass partitions, our custodial and maintenance crew continue to work tirelessly to make it possible for our learners to remain in a safe learning environment. Our food service team has put many precautions in place as well. We are able to cohort our students by having half of them eat outside on picnic tables, all in the shade. The learners have enjoyed this new ‘picnic’ style lunch and are looking forward to the next rotation.

Our LO Lions have done a phenomenal job with wearing their masks. Children adapt to change much faster and more effectively than adults. Our Lions are so resilient and we are so proud of them!! They are excited to be back with their teachers and friends and have enjoyed the normalcy that school provides them. We hope everyone can do their part to keep our Lions in school as the last five months have been difficult for us all. Together, we will get through this but EVERYONE must take precautions and adhere to guidelines in order to make this happen. Thank you for sharing your children with us. Your Longfellow Staff vow to do everything in their power to ensure our Lions stay safe at school and are provided a positive and progressive educational experience. Please assist us by doing the same at home and in the community. We look forward to having a great 2020-2021 school year and as always, we thank you for your parental support.

Stay well,

Mrs. Heckenlaible

Keep Us In The Know

We need to know when you have any contact information changes. Call 995-7500 or stop in at the office to update the following ANY TIME THROUGHOUT THE YEAR:

  • New phone number

  • Work phone number

  • Address

  • Emergency contact member/number

Hey! How Do I.....

Hey! How Do I………?

  • Get headphones: Bring $5 to the office for a set of headphones.

  • Add lunch/milk money to my student's account: Log on to OR bring in a check or cash to the office.

  • Handle attendance: Please call the office at 995-7500 by 8:30am to let us know your student won’t be in school for any reason. Just letting the teacher know isn’t enough. Bring my child in late/pick up my child early: We need you to sign your child out/in please. Call ahead if you need to take them out early or bring them late. Your doctor/dentist office will be happy to give you a note to get them excused from school. They can also fax it to us at 995-3084

PTO Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 1st, 5:45pm

110 North Mentzer Street

Mitchell, SD

Join us in the commons for our PTO meeting!

Hard To Say Good-bye

Thank you, parents, for keeping your “good-bye” and “have a good day” outside our front doors. Thank you for encouraging independence in your children! Our youngest Lions are entering with such pride this year!

Walk This Way

Parents, please set good examples for your kids by using the crosswalks during drop off and pick up. It is SO important for our staff members who are watching to know everyone is safe. We will get you across the street SAFELY and quickly. Help us by reminding your child as well please. And, for our bike riders out there, please walk your bicycle when crossing the street and while on school grounds.

E-Learning- H.E.L.P

We really appreciate the patience of those working through e-learning. Like anything else that’s new, there can be hiccups. This is new for you as well as for our amazing teachers. If you have questions or need guidance please go to:

Fall Picture Day

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 8:30am

110 North Mentzer Street

Mitchell, SD

Put your best smile on! CLICK

Weekend Snack Pack

Weekend Snack Pack will be starting September 11th. Any family who is eligible for free and reduced meals is eligible to receive a weekly snack pack. You must fill out the permission slip if you want them to receive a snack pack.

Free And Reduced Lunch

The office has the application to fill out. You can turn it in to the office any time. You can also find one The current status/qualification ends on October 1, 2020.

Reading Is Cool

Mrs Beukelman, our librarian, has been hosting popsicle parties for those students who have all books returned and/or fines paid. At the end of last school year, extra library books were sent home. We need those returned if you haven’t done so yet. Thanks for your cooperation!

I Can Get A Prize For That?

Community members have created a fund for thanking students for wearing masks in the Mitchell Public Schools. Building administrators and teachers will develop plans for celebrating the use of masks in their buildings. These plans will be catered to fit the needs of their learners. All donations will be used to purchase prizes to thank students for making a difference one mask at a time.

If you are interested in supporting their efforts, donations can be made through the Mitchell School District’s PayPal Account. Use this link:

Get On The Bus Gus

If your child needs to ride the bus, contact Foreman Bus Service at 999-0214. If your child will NOT be riding the bus on a certain day, please make sure to let the bus service know so they aren’t waiting for a student who won’t be riding.

Strike Up The Band

Dear 5th grader,

As a 5th grade student, you have the opportunity to participate in beginning band!

You and your parents are invited to band sign up, with an informational meeting to be held on Tuesday, Sept. 15th at the Performing Arts Building. We will be social distancing throughout the meeting and masks will be required.

Our meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. in the auditorium where we will discuss the Mitchell band program and instruments that your child can play and answer any questions you may have.

From 6:30 till 8:00 pm, representatives from Popplers Music (Sioux Falls), Schmitt Music (Sioux Falls) and Williams Music (Mitchell) will be there with instruments to rent or buy.

We are flexible when it comes to what instrument a child can play and believe that a child should really be interested in the instrument that they are going to learn. The district requires all percussion students to have had two previous years of piano lessons.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on September 15th!

Mary Krell

Longfellow Band Director & School Counselor

Thank You

We can’t thank the Mitchell community enough for donations of masks for our learners.This helps us tremendously when a mask gets dirty, lost or forgotten. Thank you for your support Mitchell!!

Longfellow teachers/staff give back

On Fridays, the staff/teachers of Longfellow get to wear jeans. But first, we donate to charities/entities around town. This month our donations went to sponsor The Mitchell Area Safe House.

Don't Forget

Sept 1-PTO meeting in the commons at 5:45pm

Sept 7-Labor Day-No School

Sept 9-Picture Day

Sept 14-Board meeting High School 5:00pm

Sept 15-5th Grade band open house at the PAC from 6:30pm-8:00pm

Stay Hydrated

Our LO Student Council has graciously provided us with water bottles for each student. They will be kept at school and then washed here in our kitchen. Thank you LO Student Council for serving your peers in such a helpful way! We have water filling stations at school so, if you send a water bottle with your child, please send it empty so we can avoid spills on our gymnasium floor.

School Board Meeting

Monday, Sep. 14th, 5pm

920 North Capital Street

Mitchell, SD

Learning Happening Everywhere

Miss Merten's 5th graders are enjoying a break in the shade while still learning! Way to go Lions!