We MexiCAN Make a Difference!

Jay Dempsey and Yash Sharma

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Stand Up for Your Rights

Stop being politically opressed. Stand up for your rights. Ever since the creation of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), a national oil company in control of Mexico’s petroleum products, Mexico has expereienced immense economic prosperity. But as soon as the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) came into power, our rights have been VIOLATED.

Why the PRI is bad

  • They consistently decreased and increased Mexico’s reliance on foreign markets and capital
  • They violate our rights as consumers
  • They seek to take power of the economic success we have fought for
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Lázaro Cárdenas

Lázaro Cárdenas fought for our rights in the economy and gained our land back. Join us in our revolution and do not let his efforts go to waste. We need to protect our rights as citizens of Mexico.
Mexican Revolution

We have to get rid of the devious PRD in order to emancipate ourselves from the injustice placed upon us by the PRD. We have to gain more advocates of to our Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) in order to regain the freedom we once had. It is up to YOU to save us from this injustice. So don’t waste time and partake in this rebellion.