Blankner Science Olympiad


Meeting - Thursday, November 13th

Yesterday was our first official meeting! Everyone seemed happy and eager to start learning about their events.

Your Olympians received their folders which contained their events. These folders can stay in my classroom or students can take them home. It is very important that they are brought to every practice if they are taken home.

All students are in 2-3 events. We were able to "deconstruct" some of the events today - Olympians were able to look closely at the rules, answer questions on what the event might look like, etc. We talked about the importance of understanding the rules before we begin practicing the events, so ask your Olympians all about one of their events! :)

Next week we will be deconstructing their other events, and hopefully we will be able to start practicing some of these events.

Information Sheet

I am still missing a few Information Sheets from students. I was able to get everyone's email address from the School Directory, but it is important that I receive those forms back.

It contains important information such as contact names, number(s), shirt sizes.

If you need an extra copy, please let me know and I can send a hard copy home, or email you a copy of the sheet.

Parent Volunteers

I appreciate everyone who has volunteered to help out this year. We are not quite to the stage where we need any help, since students are still reading over the rules and trying to learn what their event is all about.

I will give you PLENTY of notice, and talk with you one on one if you are still interested, and we can pick dates so that you can plan to attend.

Even if you cannot volunteer your time, I appreciate all of you being supportive and helpful in spirit! :)

Upcoming Practices:

There are 17 more Thursday practices before our competition in May!

November 20

December 11

January 8

January 22

January 29

February 5

February 19

February 26

March 5

March 12

April 2

April 9

April 16

April 23

April 30

May 7

Friday, May 8

Saturday, May 9 - Competition at UCF!

These dates are subject to change if something arises, but I will try to give you (and your Olympian) plenty of notice to arrange for a normal school day pick up.